My PRovoke17 Experience

The announcement of my name still reverberates in my ears, when the winner of Ace Business Communicator award was declared at PRAXIS 2017 in Jaipur….

Difficulty of RESET

I am at the cusp of embarking on an exciting journey in my professional life, having spent nearly two decades in the public relations business….

Pros and Cons of Social Media

One of the most revolutionising moments in the 21st century has been the worldwide accessibility to the Internet. The Internet is reshaping how we share…

Let’s grow the Inclusive Economy

An ‘inclusive economy’ ensures that opportunity and security are equitably distributed for all. It’s a topic we explore in our new Innovation Trends Report, titled…

PR is not an OTC drug

Public Relations has come a long way ever since the first Press Release was issued on October 28, 1906 and has emerged as a specialist’s…