A Community of Fellow Professionals to Focus on Growth and Development

Membership Fee:

Pay a one-time joining fee of Rs 3000 per team and an annual renewal fee of Rs 2000 for the same team.


  1. Each member gets Rs 2000/- voucher to use for any of the events between April and March of the following year
  2. Free Learning workshops (there will be at least two each in the three metros)
  3. Invitation to events of Global Alliance of Communication Management with discounts to registration
  4. Opportunities to be mentored and to mentor
  5. Specially designed Membership Card

How to join and become a member of the Unique Community:

One member will send a mail from their official email to join to editor at reputationtoday dot in and gurbani at promisefoundation dot com with cc to the other team member’s official email address.

You will receive a link for payment. Once the payment is made you will come on board as a team.