All about SPECTRA

What is SPECTRA?

When we decided to postpone PRAXIS by one year at the very start of the lockdown because we believed that was the right thing to do, we had an alternative planned. This was conceptualised as a virtual reputation management conference with an option to create some element of offline in two ways. First, by ensuring that all delegates based in India get a swag bag and all delegates based in the major metros also get served lunch during. We knew it had to stand out and so SPECTRA was born. In physics, spectrum is the set of colours into which a beam of light can be separated. In general references, it refers to a broad range of varied but related ideas or objects. The plural of spectrum is SPECTRA. We will have a broad range of subjects covered in this virtual reputation management conference. These will range from – The Importance of Content to The Power of Connections to The Magic of Crisis Management to The Potential of Reputation Counsel, to The Idea of Purpose and The Effect of Storytelling. 


The lockdown and the slowdown that it comes with cannot come in the way of learning and sharing. Hence SPECTRA is where we bring together

Spectacular content,

Powerful speakers,

Extraordinary ideas,

Creative experiences, over

Three Days, ensuring it is

Reputation Focussed and 

Absolutely Memorable.

When will SPECTRA be held?

SPECTRA will be spread over three days – November 28th, 2020; December 12th, 2020 and January 9th, 2021

Where will SPECTRA be held?

SPECTRA will be held online, on a platform that we will share details of in due course. One can watch 20+ sessions from the comfort of their homes across three Saturdays. We will run the event between 1:30 pm and 8:30 pm IST and again from 11:30 pm to 4:30 am IST so that people in various time zones can experience it at ease. If things open and government regulations permit, we will also have a special offline segment between 9:30 am and 2:30 pm in NCR on November 27th, in Mumbai on December 12th and subject to demand in Bangalore on January 8th. 

Who is SPECTRA for?

SPECTRA is for any professional engaged in reputation management – be it in-house or in a consultancy. Those in public relations including corporate communications, brand marketing, public affairs, employee engagement will find the sessions useful. The content will be available only to registered delegates in the first phase. Post March 2021 some of the content will be made available for the general public for a fee. 

How will SPECTRA unfold?

SPECTRA will have a variety of sessions. Some will be virtual but live with speakers delivering content in real-time, some will be pre-recorded with Q and A live and some will be completely pre-recorded keeping in mind the difference in time zones. In the likely event we plan an offline event it will have special sessions – both in-person and recorded. All India-based delegates who register in September and October will receive a delegate swag bag that will be dispatched on 17th November. 

The full price for SPECTRA is Rs 11,800/- including taxes (This is approximately $150 with 1 USD=INR 80). However, we are offering a flat 40% discount as an inaugural offer to anyone. If you are a member of the PR Club the price is Rs 5000/- all-inclusive until October 31.

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