100 Most Important

The PR profession in India has come of age. Thousands work in consultancies and in-house teams but the movers and shakers are about a hundred who drive excellence, inspire confidence and have come to become role models. In this list we profile 100 men and women who are the who’s who from Indian Public Relations and Corporate Communication. This definitive annual list is a combined list from Indian Public Relations and Corporate Communications.

As always, we are about inclusion and diversity, so we have tried our best to include an equal number of women and men and professionals from in-house teams and consultancies.

In the consulting category, we have looked at leaders who have founded or built or sustained big brands. People who have created employment, won big mandates, stayed the course, run the race long enough and grown leaps and bounds. In the in-house category, we have looked for those who have two decades of experience and longer. There will be exceptions. We spoke to peers, looked for contribution to knowledge sharing and also gauged the respect they command among subordinates.

 These lists are subjective with the primary purpose of recognising people and offering them as inspiration to the new generation of professionals. We have avoided more than one person from an organisation, unless they are co-founders in the case of consultancies.