PF Fellows


We are delighted to announce the first cohort of the Promise Foundation Fellows. These are men and women with a proven track record of volunteering at the core. While they will enjoy some benefits, they will also contribute to the community in various ways, individually and in teams.

We will also announce a set of Associate Fellows on October 1st.

The names of the Fellows are placed below in alphabetical order –

  1. Ajit Pai
  2. Amit Nanchahal
  3. Geetika Gulati
  4. Julia Joseph
  5. Liza Saha
  6. Prakruti Patil
  7. Rahul Rakesh Jha
  8. Ritesh Mehta
  9. Sanaj Natarajan
  10. Sarika Chavan
  11. Shreya Krishnan
  12. Tinu Cherian

The Promise Foundation Fellows is a programme to offer a mutually-beneficial experience to working professionals to get involved in specific activities of the organisation. These include supporting the portal, working on the awards, curating the events and incubating new ideas that benefit the reputation management eco-system.

There will be a cohort of 12 fellows in the first year. Six will be nominated from among the existing volunteers and six will be chosen through an application process. To apply for the  Promise Foundation Fellows programme, fill the form given at the bottom of the page.


Nomination Opens – August 26, 2022

Nomination Closes – September 5, 2022

Fellows Announcement – September 22, 2022

Fellowship Ends – September 30, 2023


a) They get to organise one of five projects under our supervision – SPECTRA/REPRISE/QUORUM/MENTOR VENTURE/CGI + supporting PRAXIS

b) They get a free accommodation at PRAXIS and a super discounted pass (benefit worth 30k)

c) They get access to SPECTRA & REPRISE (worth 7k each so 14k; Travel and stay to be borne by the fellow)

d) They get access to 2 Super Nights (worth 5k each so 10k)

e) They get an invite to the PRAXIS catch up. This year it will take place in Pondicherry. Stay for one night and three meals included. Travel to be borne by the fellow.

f) They get discounted access to domestic and global events