30 Top Corp Comm Teams

There are over a thousand companies in India that have communications teams. This is a back-of-the-envelope estimate. We want to be the aggregator and the custodians of the best in Indian Public Relations and Communications. In our endeavour to get there we bring out the Reputation Today lists annually.

To arrive at the list of Top Corporate Communication Teams, we invite nominations from teams on social media and on the portal. Thereafter, a jury independently evaluates the Top 30 teams scoring each one of them on set parameters like team responsibilities, team budgets, award-winning campaigns, learning initiatives and so on. Read more about how the list is curated.

In 2024, nominations for the Top Corporate Communication Teams will open from 8th February till 25th March. Only teams that nominate themselves will be considered for the list. Following international practice, nominations will have a fee of Rs 10,000/- + GST. However, those who pay online get a 50% discount. You will be required to enter the transaction ID while filling the form.