A Community of Fellow Professionals to Focus on Growth and Development

Membership Fee:

One-time joining fee of Rs 500 per individual and the annual renewal fees are as follows:

  • INR 1200 for in-house professionals* (see additional benefit in point number 5)
  • INR 1000 for professionals from public relations firms and others
  • INR 10000 premium members**


  1. Invitation to events of Global Alliance of Communication Management with discounts for registration
  2. Super Discount to one Super Night in December 2020
  3. Opportunity to attend the Influence Now Communication Conclave in Mumbai
  4. Monthly International newsletter from Global Alliance
  5. Access to India Impact and Innovation First Communication Conclave for in-house professionals*
  6. Premium members get free stay at PRAXIS in 2019, subject to completing registration formalities**

How to join and become a member of the Unique Community:

Professionals may send an e-mail with CommUnique in the subject line from their official email to editor at reputationtoday dot in and gurbani at promisefoundation dot com. The email may only contain the official signature and no other text.

You will receive a link for payment. Once the payment is made you will come on board as a member.