The Communicators Guild – India is a virtual forum of individuals who are working in the field of corporate communications and public relations. The grouping has two clear objectives: There is a need for a structured coming together of in-house public relations leaders in order to foster best practices and offer mentorship to the next generation of leaders.

It will comprise corporate communication leaders (heads) as primary members, team members as associate members and other PR professionals who will be welcome to join at a later stage as supporting members. Members join by paying a one time application fee and an annual subscription fee.

The way this will work is that members may join at any time of the year but to make the most of this should ideally join between May 1st and June 30th. It will start off as a subscription-based event attendance platform. Once the form is filled and fee is paid, a member becomes eligible to enjoy several benefits. In the future, The Promise Foundation is open to allowing primary members create an association as currently there is no robust association for individuals in corporate communications and public relations.

The Communicators Guild is free flowing and has the potential to build a worldwide network with country chapters and city sub chapters over the years.

For more details write to team at reputationtoday dot in with CGI in the subject line.

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