Mental Wellbeing

These are unusual times with the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic disrupting our personal and professional lives severely.

The PR profession is considered to be one of the most high-pressure jobs as professionals work on tight deadlines with huge dependency on other stakeholders and are susceptible to mental anxiety. Now with the Covid-19 outbreak, the situation has become more dynamic. The lockdown has forced all of us to be home-bound which may lead to new kinds of challenges including insecurity, stress and anxiety.

As we feel is the need of the hour, we are collaborating with PRCAI in their campaign #SupportEachOther, to fight and curb mental health issues among PR professionals and share stories of coping with these challenging times. The idea is to take inspiration and pass it on to others who may need it, so as to create a healthy dialogue and a pool of resources to be utilised by all of us.
We approached senior professionals to share a video message, under the title of #SupportEachOther to share their stories of dealing with the stress and disruption caused by the lockdown, and the support they get that keeps them going. Here are some of the videos.