​Co-create Online Knowledge Sharing Properties

The partnership with Reputation Today offers a range of benefits. Here are ten: 
  1. Hassle free operations and marketing of the online event
  2. Elegant and experienced handling of the event by our team
  3. Share the goodwill that RT enjoys with the corporate communications & PR community
  4. Guaranteed coverage in and live tweets during session
  5. Customisation to ensure the content is relevant to your organisation
  6. Push emailer to a database of over 2000 reputation management professionals
  7. WhatsApp outreach to over 500 of the who’s who of PR & marketing communications
  8. Recording of the session on the RT YouTube channel for posterity
  9. Posts on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to an audience of over 10,000
  10. A great way to engage with current, past and potential clients and employees
Mail team at reputationtoday dot in for more information.