The alchemy of turning silver

Having spent nearly two decades with Adfactors PR – when one gets down to penning thoughts on “your work home”, myriad thoughts come swirling through. How does one communicate why you have spent the best – part of your work life with just one organisation? Thankfully, for me that answer is simple. It is the people and culture of this firm derived from the two people at the very top!

Never have I ever seen a bunch of more fiercely competitive yet respectful and empathetic people that you would (to borrow from The Godfather)“go to the mattresses” with, than the team @Adfactors. It is this culture of open palms, rather than jostling elbows and an innate enthusiasm to be different every time, which defines its core. Besides every time I have gone to the management stating my insatiable desire to do something new, the gauntlet has been thrown down, together with the freedom to take it on. Case-in-point being the start of new era of sports with the Indian Premier League. 

Thus, for me, Adfactors@25 remains a young, dynamic and vibrant institution, powered by its eclectic collection of some of the best intellect in Indian Public Relations consulting. Not to mention, two white-haired wise men who lead this motley bunch with the childlike enthusiasm and passion of a new age start-up. All held together by an unabashed pursuit to excel in navigating the complex world of public relations, while delivering specific customer-centric solutions that create value. Add to that its unflinching quest for continual incremental growth is what allows Adfactors PR to do myriad experiments and stay ahead. A culture of trust and transparency, and empowerment to run with your beliefs and you have the tenets of what many of us fondly call “Our Work Home.” 

The firm is also a ferociously independent Indian consultancy that has always looked ahead, not just a couple of months, but decades ahead of everyone. It is a nimble elephant that’s always learning, pivoting to embrace the world of online reputation management. But above all it is perhaps the most fertile ground for anyone out there willing to learn and work their way through the amazing and empowering world of public relations, public affairs and the complex but burgeoning digital ecosystem.

A place that not only believes in you but invests in bringing out the very best in everyone. How else would you explain putting 700-odd frontline servicing team members, including the senior staff, through a six-month long rigorous and grinding Certification Programme on Digital and Social Online Reputation Management or regular learning at the IIMs or even Harvard. This culture of continuous learning is what allows our teams to do some truly inspiring and innovative work.

Everyone at the firm is ingrained with another belief that “relationships” is the other key ingredient for success in Public Relations. I feel it is these relationships built on mutual trust and respect that has helped Adfactors create acceptance, understanding and influence for our point of view. Through the years, the founders have carefully curated and put together a set of like-minded men and women, as a leadership team that not only imbibe and live the same set of values, but feel for the firm as if it were their very own. All of which has helped our firm keep on the growth path as envisaged.

But as we celebrate our SILVER Anniversary, the burning question, though in my mind is what do the next 25 years hold in store for My Company?

As India’s largest PR firm, not only do we have a responsibility towards our colleagues, but also to our clients and the Indian PR fraternity at large. Thus, the question what will be enough to navigate and disrupt this VUCA 2.0 world demands an answer. Will getting the best of talent be enough? Will intersecting the strategic axis with world class digital delivery be enough? The problems of the new-age client and this new post pandemic world are far more complex and disruptive, and the answer is not simple. Yet as an consultancy we will need to continually evolve keep finding answers that keep us moving forward. But most importantly, we have to entrust our next generation of young leaders, the Millennials and Gen Z’s with our core values to nurture and take forward the legacy of this amazing Indian brand in perpetuity!

The views and opinions published here belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the publisher. This article is part of a SILVER JUBILEE series by Adfactors PR commemorating their 25th year in the business of Public Relations.

Percy Dubash
Percy Dubash is a significant member of the senior management team at Adfactors PR, serving in the capacity of Director. He heads the corporate and sports practices at Adfactors PR.
With an impressive track record of driving brand strategy, product communications and nurturing teams, Percy brings a strong vision and passion for doing it right, with an entrepreneurial mindset. Percy has been integral in outlining Adfactors PR's strategic direction, fulfilling its vision, achieving targeted growth and developing new lines of business.

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