The art of high performance

Leaders, do you want high performance in the work that you do?

What does it take to be a high performing leader?

How can a leader create and manage high performing teams?

Be it teams, leaders or organisations, everyone would like to be a high performer in their domain. By mastering the art of high performance, the team and organisation are driven, focussed and excel in their work, thereby achieving the desired results.

An organisation is only as successful as its leaders and the leaders are only as successful as their teams. Thus by driving high performance in the teams, a leader can be successful and also contribute to the organisations’ success. So how can a leader drive high performance? If high performance is an art, what are some of the key ingredients?

Here are some pointers which can enable leaders to be high performers in their work space.

  1. The art of purpose

Purpose is everything. Knowing why you are doing what you are doing and making your teams aware of it, is crucial as a leader. Being purposeful in each activity that you undertake can lead you to high performance. Deep dive and question yourself to get to the real purpose. Know what each action means to you and your team.

  1. The art of communication

Effective communication plays a vital role in nurturing high performance in the teams. Assumptions, lack of proper understanding & unclear way of expression, can come in the way of delivering excellence. Communication should be specific, concise and easily comprehendible by the team.

  1. The art of influencing

As high performing leaders, one must be adept at the art of influencing teams. Leaders can sometimes have an associated ego that prevents their best to be brought out. Hence, leaders must be mindful of it in order to have good influence with the teams and guide the team for the best results.

  1. The art of getting things done

A successful leader is one who can get things done and deliver accurately and on time. In order to drive excellence within the time frame, a leader must be capable of getting things done to the best of the teams’ abilities and drive efficiencies within the team.

  1. The art of leading teams

A leader must know the art of leading the team towards high performance by leveraging on the strengths of each resource. A good leader should not be biased and needs to lead by example. By walking the talk, a leader must inspire the teams for high performance.

  1. The art of growing

In order to grow further, a leader must step out of the comfort zone. Negative beliefs need to be done away with. Encouragement and positive thinking along with bonding and nurturing the team with high performance culture will pave way for growth.

High performance is not a destination but a journey by itself. By being better than yesterday and by being the best version of yourself in whatever work you do, you are on the path of high performance.

As a leader if you would like to empower your teams further & get them high on performance, the book that can be gifted / recommended is “Get High” (How to coach yourself for high performance in your work) that will propel the teams for high performance. The book is endorsed by New York Times bestselling authors Dr Marshall Goldsmith & Ron Kaufman and Motivational Speaker Prakash Iyer. It is a self-help, activity based book on how to coach yourself for high performance in your work.

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Sangeeta Shankaran Sumesh
Sangeeta Shankaran Sumesh is a Business Coach for high performance & high profits. She works with leaders, teams & entrepreneurs to enable, empower & elevate businesses. She’s a Chartered Accountant with 25 years of experience, including senior leadership positions with multinationals. Sangeeta is a Professional Speaker & a Credentialed Coach from International Coach Federation (PCC), Author of bestseller “What The Finance”, “The Power of High Performance Coaching”, “A Glance at the Unknown” & “Get High”.

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