The Meeting of Science, Superheros and Public Relations Professionals

As a young kid, I loved listening to people’s experiences in life and all their life stories. It didn’t matter if they were children and their fantasies or if they were elders talking about the world and politics, as long as it was a story, I would listen. I also loved cartoons and movies, especially the ones with superheroes and scientists. I knew then, that I would be a scientist and a superhero. By the time I was in my 6th standard, I wanted to bring my thoughts to life and so started writing stories during summer vacations and during weekly offs – I realised that I had a flair for writing stories. Soon I was a superhero in school – my teachers and all the other kids told me so.

The making of a scientist

My quest to become a scientist brought me to pharmaceutical science. I soon realised that this bit is not as easy as it seemed in ‘The Spiderman’ and ‘The Incredible Hulk’ movies. During my educational journey in the pharmaceutical sciences, I had the opportunity to work in pharmaceutical sales. This is where I met Dr.Devi Shetty, a renowned Cardiologist, at his clinic in Bengaluru. He patiently heard me detail my products to him. As I prepared to leave his clinic, he told me – “You should do more with your capabilities”. I knew what he meant.
After nine more years of study in the area of pharmaceutical sciences, I was finally a scientist. I started my career in ‘medical communications’ – the closest that I could write for pharmaceutical products as well as use my medical and scientific acumen to understand and develop communication materials for Health Care Professionals (HCPs), to simplify complicated science for the common man (Patient communication), develop product training modules (Sales training on new products), prepare a scientific presentation for speakers at conferences, etc. However, there was still a gap – I was not able to do maximum good for the general public through medical communication – not a superhero yet.

The Superhero and Scientist meets Public Relations

It was purely by chance that I came across a job opportunity to work in the field of Reputation Management – commonly called Public Relations (PR) and Advocacy. I knew that this is where I will fulfil my dream of being a superhero – The only place that I could work with hospitals, HCPs, research organisations or pharmaceutical companies to get relevant health-related information out to the masses – 140 Cr Indians.
Soon I realised that I was not alone in my quest – I met a few healthcare public relations professionals and together we were able to work with many companies to put patient-centric preventive or curative related information in mass media across platforms.

These were along the lines of:

Simplifying technical, science-based information for the general public regarding health and wellbeing
Underscoring the latest breakthrough in the area of medicine and surgery to HCPs – bringing global knowledge and practices to India
Guiding the young working-class on career changes based on the new health sectors and professions that are upcoming
Building and strengthening the visibility of companies that are developing new healthcare solutions in India – for the world.

The PR’ Healthcare Professionals March forward

Today, as a collective, we can work towards integrated 360-degree communication to get relevant public focused messages from healthcare professionals, life science companies, research organisations, and health-focused startups to the people, through online and offline channels. We have used channels like mainline and regional print media, TV channels, Radio, and Social media channels including social audio apps like ‘clubhouse’ to communicate disease awareness and the benefits of early diagnosis through relevant diagnostic tests, etc.

As a highly trained and effective team that has years of experience in countering ignorance of health benefits, we are aligned today with the national goals of the country to manage non-communicable and communicable diseases through effective communication.
We look forward to increasing our pack of professionals in science – to become and remain heroes of healthcare communication and further our cause. Find us.

The views and opinions published here belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the publisher.

Dr Arun Abraham Easow
Dr.Arun is a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences along with a Master's in Business and Clinical Pharmacy from reputed universities in India. He has been associated with AdfactorsPR for the last three years and has been able to successfully bring the perks of traditional and new age media to meet the corporate and marketing needs of the Lifescience and Healthcare Clients across India. He has been able to successfully liaise with the communication, medical, marketing and regulatory teams and convey a unified message to the media about therapy areas and brands of interest across multiple channels and platforms.

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