The Sky is not the limit!

This month marks the 25th anniversary of Adfactors PR. For me, this organisation is not just any other workplace. It is a temple of excellence, which exudes unbelievable amount of talent across sectors, humongous amount of professional wisdom, knowledge and experience but at the same time oozes goodness and humility, which is seldom seen in large organisations across industries and across countries. I started here 12 years ago as a young trainee, when India and much of the world at large was still reeling under the global recession. And as any young professional in those days, I was petrified of the environment with people losing jobs making front page news quite frequently. However, to my pleasant surprise, I saw a great amount of confidence, steel and resolve within Adfactors PR, right from the Chairman to the Managing Director to the SBU heads, all the way down to the servicing teams as the organisation grew from strength to strength to fight tough times together. There were no pink slips being given away, and instead, the entire organisation stood united and focused on one vision, which was to make the firm the gold standard in earned influence and corporate reputation. There was a consistent effort to create value for clients, employees and partners. Most importantly, there was utmost sincerity, commitment and dedication, which is one consistent quality with this firm over the 25 years.

The firm, to quote its Chairman, Mr Rajesh Chaturvedi, began in a humble 4×4 space, 25 years ago. From a 4×4 space, to two offices in South Mumbai, it moved rapidly to where it is now head-quartered, a soaring building called ‘City Hall’ in Kamala Mills, Lower Parel, Mumbai. Not to mention, regional offices in over 20 cities across the country. With each successive year, the firm has never looked back and adapted itself to the changing demands of the profession. It not only created value for each and every one of its clients but also nurtured every employee and stood with them in their good and bad times. 

When I joined the firm, it mostly consisted of traditional business units such as BFSI, Pharma & Healthcare, Corporate and Technology. Cut to 2022, the firm has not only strengthened some of the older practices, but also established new-age practices such as Mobility, New Economy, Fintech, Frontier Tech and Social Impact to meet the growing demands of the market with new leaders in these sectors heralding a new dawn not only for Adfactors PR, but for the business of Public Relations overall.

Hence the firm can be proud of an enviable bench strength of leaders encompassing a mix of sectoral prowess, content skills, an unmatched understanding of Indian media, social media and a know-how of next-gen consumers. With an unmatched talent in its repertoire, the firm is at the cusp of redefining its own benchmarks every year and every decade.

This is my first PR job and I am often asked by colleagues, friends and family the reasons for not exploring another opportunity. The reason, I never had to look out is simply because of the ample learnings, experiences and creative satisfaction of working with clients across domains, offered by the firm with each passing year. The management also gave me the opportunity to upskill every year, something which is accessible to almost each and every employee.

Adfactors PR is not just a workplace, it is a goldmine of opportunities, learnings, skilling and the way the firm has grown over the 25 glorious years it has seen, sky is not even the limit!

The views and opinions published here belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the publisher. This article is part of a SILVER JUBILEE series by Adfactors PR commemorating their 25th year in the business of Public Relations.

Gaurav Bhat
Gaurav Bhat is Account Director at Adfactors PR, founded in 1997.
A young, energetic and process oriented professional, Gaurav has over 12 years of experience in the PR and Communications business. He has worked on campaigns for renowned brands as part of Adfactors PR’s Mobility practice such as Nissan Motor India, Mahindra & Mahindra, BKT Tires, Mercedes-Benz India, Schaeffler India and Lamborghini. Gaurav is developing a young, strong and talented team he mentors as part of the firm’s Mobility practice.
In the past, Gaurav also dabbled in the Media & Entertainment space, as he played an instrumental role on Tata Sky’s PR mandate, as part of the agency’s M&E practice. Besides PR, he has experience in journalism with an 18 months stint with a B2B magazine.
Gaurav is a post-graduate in Public Relations & Corporate Communication from the esteemed Xavier Institute of Communications. He loves running, reading and writing in his pastime.

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