Have you heard of the Dodo? It was a huge and heavy bird that ran too slow and was caught by sailors for its meat. It was in 17th Century on the Island of Mauritius. I first read of the Dodo when I was eight years old. I read about this in a series of very educative books published by ‘Child Craft’

In the same series I also read about the Mammoth. Now, the mammoth existed about 5 million years ago. It belonged to the family of elephantidae. They were very close resemblance to modern day elephants. 

Dodo, the bird, was poor at flying. It ran slow. The elephant on the other hand, though large and heavy, became a smaller version of itself over time, lighter, and figured out ways. 

Escape. Adopt. Adapt. Evolve.  The elephant took it quite literally. 

Extinct was not a word in my dictionary until I read about the Dodo. Needless to say, the concept of extinct got etched in the mind of an 8 year old me. 

I wish upon the star that each one of us get this wisdom early in our life – obsolete is a reality that can hit one and many. Can we face a ‘dodo’ like state? How do we get to understand this though? On the advise of my friend Anubhuti, I decided to write about potions, ones that would help us be magical. This one is to survive and thrive, stay upmarket and miles away from obsolescence.

Most of us play mind games with ourselves. *I know it all* is what our mind tells us. We escape. This mindset of ‘know it all’ is one that hurts us the most over time. Having an *open mind* to the new can do wonders. 

Overcoming the know it all, is not all. The next big thing that hurts our growth is *inertia*. Again – mindgames. To go or not to go – to the gym. To wait till the last minute, and rush work. Being okay with shoddy work. We dishonour ourselves. Underlying this is habit. Overcome this. *Change.* 

While writing this article I came across this very beautiful cone of experience. Please do read the article link mentioned below, and you will find all the more reason why this is a very interesting article.

*Do* is the most powerful way of expelling obsolescence. Not doing what you do every day. But doing more of will put you on the path of what you aspire to be.

With this, I am keen to share what we did this week. For years I have been anti AVE, it is as obsolete as it gets. On Monday, we launched Wizdom, a news analytics dashboard on the PR software This is an idea which was settled in my mind for years, which finally became a reality. A team of 10 people toiled to launch a PR metric – Earned Media Authority – EMA. We will continue to evolve EMA and work forward in a digitally evolved world. Like the elephant we aim to thrive and survive.

The thrive potion, therefore is a mind *open* to *change* and *do* what it takes.

I would love to hear your thoughts on *Wizdom* … please email me at Just do it :).


Aakriti Bhargava
Speak of startups and Aakriti Bhargava would be the first one to come up with whacky ideas. She eats, sleeps and drinks startups! From conceptualising to executing, she puts in soul into any marketing, PR or social media strategy that comes out of her kitty.

Today with a PR and marketing experience spanning nearly a decade, Aakriti takes pride in building up startup brands along with her team.

Aakriti is also the first PR professional in the world to have automated measuring parameters of PR strategies with

When not donning the hat of a power-packed entrepreneur, Aakriti loves spending time with her tiny tot Reyaansh; who often accompanies her to work!

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