How PR firms can see better ROI from influencer gifting

The communication messaging and marketing plans for almost every brand has been altered. Today marketers are in a bustling marketplace of influencers and other content creators. Looking forward to trends over the internet and hit record sales with a single Instagram post, YouTube video, or TikTok skit. All you need is a collaboration with a few impactful influencers, right? That’s where influencer gifting takes over the modern communication route. 

Not many of us are aware that Influencer gifting can be one of the most effective ways to gain exposure for a client, particularly when they need to make an immediate impact. Although it’s not an easy service that can be accomplished effortlessly. Researching out to the right bloggers can take hours, and often your top choices don’t respond right away. You can go back-and-forth a dozen times just to finalise delivery details, and follow up for weeks after to ensure the post is published. By the time you share the results with your client, your firm’s margin has often vanished. 

However, the influencer market has evolved that has made engaging with influencers and tracking their results relatively easier. Glad U Came being the pioneers of celebrity and influencer gifting believe that with a little strategy and the right resource you can see the targets being achieved without wasting any inventory or your staffs time and effort. 

Here’s few influencer gifting ideas that will help your next influencer-led campaign be a success!

Spend less time on researching each influencer:

Looking for the right influencer to collaborate with a must! But researching on every influencer one-by-one is an absolute waste of time. Finding influencers who align closely with your client’s target audience rightfully feels like time well-spent. After all, choosing the right medium to share your brand’s message is exactly what good publicists do. But when you need to engage several influencers in a short amount of time, hours spent poring through blogs and Instagram accounts can quickly add up. This is where technology-only platforms that use software that has their database can help. Influencer platforms give you access to a network of influencers, so you can either sort through bloggers based on keywords, or post a collaboration message and engage qualified bloggers who express interest.

Micro-Influencers the key to stronger engagement

The number of followers doesn’t matter as much as we think. Micro-influencers have the ability to engage an audience. In fact, a study found that engagement rate decreases as the following size increases. People with 1,000 followers or fewer have an engagement rate of 9.7%. And the engagement rate of people with 1,000-4,000 followers is about 4.5%. Which is why brands opt for micro-influencers for gifting activities and campaigns.

Know your goals and look for if it fits well with the influencers strengths

Running a gifting collaboration without payment often leaves you at a spot of minimal negotiating power, particularly when you target leading influencers. Mostly influencers with 10k followers may accept gifts more readily, while those with 100k aren’t likely to accept gifted-only opportunities very often. Here’s where understanding each blogger’s strengths and knowing their niche can help you get the most out of each collaboration and the negotiation power you possess. 

Make influencer gifting a part of your contract

Product gifting campaigns can help you get the word out about your product while also getting valuable feedback and reusable, user-generated content. Also, since the influencers are posting in exchange for the product, it helps bring authenticity back to your influencer marketing efforts since they aren’t influenced by a high paycheck. As a PR and Influencer Marketing firm, we acknowledge that gifting products to influencers and celebrities help in better product awareness, enhance brand recognition, and eventually leads to a greater ROI.

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Maddie Amrutkar
Maddie Amrutkar is a passionate entrepreneur, communications expert, and PR Strategist. After holding a master’s degree in Mass Media, he began his career in the media with a reputed news channel and later worked with various PR companies and handled top fashion & luxury brands.

After a five-year stint in PR, Maddie founded Glad U Came in 2015 which is now a leading PR & Influencer Marketing agency in Mumbai.

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