How to grow a brand online?

Right now, this very second as you are rummaging through this article, there are 4.4 billion people using the world wide web for information, entertainment and a whole slew of other reasons.

In this digital reign, where smartphones, tablets, laptops are an extension of who we are, having your brand online is not a choice, but a compulsion.

The digital world is a deep ocean and before you sail into it, you should sharpen your skill & strategy. Here’s a quick guide to taking your brand from zero to one – online!

Be Omnipresent

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc are all slices of the social media pie. With 2.38 billion users on Facebook, 1 billion users on Instagram, 500 million users on LinkedIn, you do not want to miss any slice of the piece. Ensure that your brand is present on every major platform to penetrate effectively into your target audience.

After having a basic social media strategy for all major platforms in place, prioritise between platforms based on your brand objective, audience and any other parameters you use to measure your brand’s performance.

Break The Monotony

Are you still just publishing static posts on your brand’s social media handles? Then you are stopping your brand from having a breakthrough!

A social media amalgam of videos, stories, polls, engagements posts and static posts will make your brand the perfect brew. 2019 has been a year of videos. They have 15% more engagement compared to static posts. Vertical videos, live videos and various other forms of video have taken over our newsfeed and are now also taking over the advertising spectrum.

Stories are a great addition to your brand’s social media arsenal and guarantee a great engagement rate. So, break the barricade of monotony to build your brand online.

Be Prepared To Experiment

Story ads, canvas ads, carousel video ads and a whole lot of novel ad formats are taking over the online space. Experiment with your online spend, emerge with a formula that works for you and enjoy the results.

Go on, experiment and be the Einstein of the digital world.

Be Consistent

Spamming or no show are two big no-nos on social media. Be mindful of the number of times and the frequency with which you are posting on your brand’s social media handles.

Overdoing might irk your audience and underdoing might reduce your brand’s visibility. Experiment, find the balance and stay consistent with your brand.

Burn The Midnight Oil To Measure

The strategy you sketch, the creatives you craft, the audience you select and the money you spend all go in vain, when you don’t measure your brand’s business results. The minutes you spend to execute your campaign should be equal to the minutes you should spend on studying your campaign results.

Analyse, optimise and see the magic happen!

Bedeck Your Website

A website for a brand is what a resume is for an individual. Every user that lands on it, judges the brand based on it.

If you want to make a good first impression with your audience, then bedeck your website! Tell a tale through your content, express an emotion through your images and most importantly make your website get the rank you deserve!

Befriend Retargeting

Retargeting is to a marketer, what the hammer is to Thor. It is the sacred weapon that allows you to follow your potential customer, that every marketer should be using. It lets you tell your brand story, knock on a potential customer’s door more number of times and increases the chances of driving action.

Spend rigorously on retargeting and reap the benefits.

Take a chance, try and make the most of the business platter the online world offers your brand.

The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Reputation Today.

Anindita Sinha
Head - Corporate Communications at L&T Metro Rail, Hyderabad
Anindita has 28 years of experience in integrated communication, reputation management and strategy formulation, in the ever-evolving world of human & artificial intelligence. Working with Public Sector Undertaking like Airports Authority of India, as well as in private corporations with global reach, like GVK, GMR and the L&T Groups, she possesses a wholesome communication perspective in the sub-continent.

As a Co-Convenor for Culture & Tourism Panel of CII Telangana for the year 2019- 20, Co-Chair of ASSOCHAM's National Council on Ease of Doing Business for the year 2019-20 and many other effective panels, she is a multitasker.

Her achievements were awarded a whole slew of titles including PRSI National Leadership Award, PRCI Global Hall of Fame Award in Communication and CII-IWN Leadership Award - Unstoppable.

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