Humans of PR – Telling the Stories of Storytellers

In our day-to-day lives, we often get so busy in our work that often we stop living our life. More than that, we also forget that we all are human beings – those complicated beings fighting our own battles while trying to make a living; the complexity that makes each human beautiful and this contrasting combination of complexity and beauty that makes the story of everyone even more profound and unique. 

Well, the deep thought of today and this blog is based on us, the humans and how while being busy in our daily routine, we often forget that everyone around is a human being too – across departments and professions. Think about it. We talk about HR, which is called Human Resources, but we do not consider employees as humans but mere resources in the larger scheme of operational efficiency and productivity. This actually becomes the cornerstone of employee engagement and internal communications at an organisation. Talking about another instance, when creating a marketing plan for a product or a service, the objective is to reach the end consumer. However, we do not think of that consumer as a human but make him a part of a group that we want to reach out to and hence creating a clutter of communications. 

When we look at different organisations, all of them are made of people they employ. Creating a workplace culture where employees are happy is when you think of them as humans. In the internet age of today, brands such as Flipkart, Amazon, and Zomato, time and again have focused on their people – be it employees, delivery or seller partners. Google came with this campaign in 2014 to celebrate the unsung heroes i.e. delivery boys, focusing on them as a human. Watch the video here  

All of these are amazing stories. Stories that need to be told, stories that need to be heard and stories that must be told and heard. We, as PR professionals, are working to tell these stories to the world, day in and day out. We are (most of the time) working at the backend to make our executives and brands we work for, look amazing. And stories of telling these stories is indeed interesting – although unheard! 

As a PR professional, I have always been inspired by stories of my industry colleagues, seniors and peers alike. From my first boss who was an ex-IPS officer turned communications professional to a friend of mine with an amazing knowledge of how to manage finances, currently working with one of the leading BFSI clients to a journalist-turned-PR professional, working with one of the leading corporate media houses of the country; their stories have been incredibly different from each other yet truly motivating. 

The question, however, is that do we get to know about these stories of the storytellers themselves? Of these humans who are toiling in 24X7 to make their brands look good and CXOs like stars, working behind the scenes? 

At a juncture where PR still needs to do PR for itself (which we all do at some point or the other), I am pleased to share about this channel that will focus on the stories of us – the storytellers. The channel – known as Humans of PR, on Facebook and Instagram which will humanise PR – one story at a time. It goes live today and honoured to start it with a feature on someone who is also known as ‘fairy godmother’ and ‘Wonder woman’ of PR – Jayoti Lahiri. A veteran from the Indian Communications and Public Relations fraternity and the Secretary-General of PRCAI, she turned 80 this year and I am glad the platform starts with someone who is torchbearer of the PR fraternity. 

Some more interesting stories coming all the way. Till then please go and follow the channels on Facebook and Instagram and share your thoughts with me on Twitter @PR_Wali  

And before we all again get busy into our work schedules to find the luxury of time for one another, think human and be human. 😊  

Pratishtha Kaura
PR Professional
Coming from the millennial club of PR professionals, Pratishtha works at Archetype (formerly Text100). With over six years of experience in communications, she has been creatively storytelling for brands across consumer, education, arts &culture sectors. Listed in PR Moment 30 under 30, the annual list of top 30 PR professionals (2017), she strongly believes in driving PR for PR – one stakeholder at a time!

Inspired by the character of Jessica Pearson from Suits, she advocates for women’s equality at work and life and wants to write a book on the topic one day.
She can be reached at @PR_wali on Twitter.

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