Management paves the way for entrepreneurship

Every project is a purposive creation whose value is derived from the objective set. An entrepreneur aims to fulfill that objective through conscious coordination right from planning, organising, directing and supporting. Without seamless functioning, the end result, the goal and target the organisation strives for won’t reach optimum heights, and this is precisely why management plays a pivotal role.

Entrepreneurship means Management

No longer is an entrepreneur just an innovator. They must adapt to become risk bearers, organisers, and lastly managers. Management naturally intertwines itself with the organisation through processes such as idea generation, establishing the enterprise, and efficiently running the same.

Strong work ethics and dedication to sniff out opportunities prove to be principal aspects for an entrepreneur’s, and their organisation’s growth. Using your skill set to creatively invent solutions in accordance with the technical know-how, one can establish a distinct market positioning for the organisation, and for yourself. The earlier one realises how effective relations have the power to transform organisations, leaders and people’s lives,
the faster they can navigate through situations and take charge.

Entrepreneurship is a commitment that may or may not bear fruit, but the drive and the risks make the journey worthwhile. There’s no lack of examples of entrepreneurs who’ve constantly invested in reinventing themselves to eventually taste success, but it’s also noteworthy to mention that failure is a crucial part of the process.

This path is laid with hurdles, and the matter of fact remains that you chose this path fully aware of this. How you jump over them depends entirely on you, but do jump. Don’t worry about tripping over said hurdles because that is inevitable, no matter how much you try to prevent it. The key is to not be disheartened or give up, rather become a phoenix – rise from the ashes and regenerate.

Opportunities for Growth

The picture is not as gloomy as it sounds since entrepreneurship allows dreams to be actualised. But to increase the chances of this happening, the entrepreneur must be aware of the past, present and future.

  • Study the past market dynamics.
  • Stay on top of current events.
  • Look towards the future with great zeal and fresh eyes.

With unprecedented situations such as COVID-19, sustainable growth is the only way forward. The future is here, and that’s why it’s all the more important to upskill across all parameters, especially digital communication. Diversification will be key to agency survival in the years ahead. Avoiding the mistakes of wrong hiring is another critical plan to stick with. The broth will only thicken when the right ingredients, People, Purpose and Profits, are balanced.

Finding the Balance

Evidently, where there are challenges, opportunities will follow, and vice versa. Hence the responsibility on maintaining balance falls on the shoulders of the entrepreneurs. Change of strategies helps both, the employees and businesses, to adapt to new realities. A brand’s dependence upon their PR partners to communicate authentically has dramatically increased in the year. Today’s PR has evolved from yesterday’s PR, and has brought together multiple variations in itself.

One must focus on three key points where the entrepreneurial vision is concerned:

Connect: the vision, mission & personality. Know yourself and the augmented presence of the organisation.

Inspire: constantly reinvent to inspire your own team and those around you.

Engage: engagement is key, and also a result of all your efforts.

When strategy, vision & inspiration align, you achieve targeted engagement as a natural by-product, satisfying the primary goal. Only then do you become a force unstoppable.

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Neha Khilnani
Founder & CEO, Connekting Dots PR and Brand Communications

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