Newsletters — who’s doing it right and what your brand can learn

There are two things I talk about often in my articles. The first being brand consistency, and the second, building trust with your TG. In this piece, I’m going to focus on a great way for your brand to do the latter — yes, I’m referring to the most effective tool in your email marketing strategy — newsletters!

People buy from companies they trust to deliver, and relevant content is a great way to build that rapport. All you need to keep in mind are these simple pointers — most importantly, make sure your reader knows who the newsletter is coming from. Personalise the sender’s ID, address the reader by their first name, and avoid the ‘no reply’ option like the plague — it really works — personalised emails can improve click through rates by 27% and opens by 11%

Next, ensure you follow through on what you say you’ll offer. For example, if someone is signing up to learn about the latest trends in your industry, don’t send them a sales pitch. It’s simple!

Here are some examples of companies that are known for their stellar newsletters — there’s a whole lot to learn from them:

The unique accommodation provides gives the reader personalised travel  recommendations based on information from the user’s profile. It effectively leverages social proof in recommending popular tourist spots — it’s a known fact that people are more likely to take the leap ( or in this case, visit a certain location) when they know others have done the same before. It addresses the reader by their first name, and jumps into current conversations their TG might be following. For example, when the USA lifted the travel ban to Cuba in 2016, their newsletter made the most of the growing intrigue and buzz around Havana. Genius, right?

This one’s a great example of how, sometimes, great content is all you need to get your TGs attention. Hubspot takes a no-frills approach. Its daily newsletter simply brings together and summarises the best industry-specific content, giving the reader easy access to information they’re interested in. And that’s it — when content is relevant, easy-to-read, and interesting, you don’t need anything else to maintain readership.

The all-in-one business-building solution’s newsletters are aimed at budding entrepreneurs who need focused, actionable insights on building a business. What makes the newsletter truly unique is that the content is absolutely fresh — not repurposed from their business blog or podcast. In short, the content is created solely for the reader. What’s more, the copy is written in a simple, engaging, and conversational style, making the reader feel like they’re taking advice from a friend! It’s a brilliant strategy that seems to be working well.

Ben & Jerry’s
This popular (still an understatement) ice cream brand does a great job of combining informational content with an engaging tone and style. For example, one of their newsletters included recipes for milkshakes that can be made with the company’s product and fun facts about the brand. However, what really makes it stand out is its effort to educate the reader on social issues (e.g. marriage equality) — aligning with their reputation of being a conscious brand and reflecting their core values.

Go ahead and leverage the insights you’ve gleaned from these brands who are acing the email marketing game, and yours could be next on a list of great newsletters!

Tina Garg
Founder and CEO at Pink Lemonade, an Integrated Marketing & Communications agency in Bangalore.
Tina launched the company in 2011, and today, it is known for its award-winning work in creative & business communications, and digital services. She comes with extensive experience in the creative industry, and is passionate about empowering women entrepreneurs.

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