The ‘calm mindset’ a superpower!

Imagine a sudden crisis, an incident which throws you off guard, you go into shock and a shut down. This incident happens to you personally or in your course of work. Your mind signals to the rest of the body to cope with a heightened response. Adrenaline and cortisol gets pumped through your bloodstream to be able to react quickly and combat this incident to be able to avert it. Quick is necessary but experts say that, when you are hit by a crisis or a negative situation, first take a pause. Its like you are driving on the highway and you see a big crowd on the road. Do you press on the accelerator or slow down? 

Without ignoring the positives of a ‘high performance mindset’ or ignoring the importance of hard deadlines, a calm mindset helps you not to disrupt your strategy and execution during bumps along the way but keeps you composed so that you can weigh your options and take right decisions in crucial moments keeping your business or personal life on track. Even otherwise in the buzz of the business world taking well thought decisions is a differentiator. Disruption and change is life today. Having a calm mindset keeps you ahead.

How do you develop a calm mindset?

Many are born with a calm demeanour. Chances are that they will develop an early calm mindset. Its like some are born with a natural gift of music. But by channelising this talent and with proper training, it can develop as a profession. Similarly, those who are cool and calm by nature, can further train themselves to use these gifts in day to day and professional lives to gain this superpower. The more aggressive ones will need to self-train or even get professional training. Change their habits and natural responses to transit from an aggressive mindset to a calm mindset. Aggression too is a much-needed quality in leadership but blended aggression by channelising aggression in implementation/execution will yield more positive results. A calm mindset is a much sought-after quality for leaders especially in the post pandemic era.

Remember that saying “Stress is not about things going wrong but more about how you react to it.” Here are some simple steps you can take to develop a calm mindset-

  • Control negative stress– Some say that stress is part of our day-to-day life. Positive stress motivates however negative stress can derail you. One of the biggest leverages of developing a calm mindset is when you control negative stress by developing broader shoulders and your ability to bear stress and how you react to it. Look at stressful situations objectively and first find solutions. Make it a habit.
  • Avoid losing your temper– When your anger tips you over, it clouds your judgement. You say things you never meant to and raise your voice. Sometimes anger leads to huge damages in businesses and personal life which are unretrievable. Therefore, anger management is critical. There are many books and courses in anger management, use them to your advantage!
  • Make meditation or yoga a new part of your life– Meditation helps you destress and calm down. Yoga is invaluable in terms of creating a work life balance and a circle of good health for you. Even doing your daily workout helps. There are many other ways of calming yourself down every day. Find the rhythm and activities that you can align with which triggers a calm mindset
  • Do things for yourself– Listen to music, write, go for that long walk you always wanted. Give yourself a long-deserved treat. Go on a dream vacation. Adopt a pet. Get a new hobby. Give back to the community. Support a cause. Join a dance studio or a laughter club! Happiness promotes a calm and positive mindset

There are many other ways to develop a calm mindset, but it starts with you and your commitment to reap the numerous benefits of a well-managed and healthier life.

“The mind is like water. When it is turbulent, it is difficult to see. When it is calm, everything becomes clear.” Prasad Mahes

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Amitesh Banerjee
Amitesh is a seasoned positive integrated communications disruptor with several years of multi- country/multi- domain experience. He has worked for reputed organisations in senior leadership positions including JWT, ITC, New Zealand Dairy Board, Seychelles Marketing Board, Perfect Relations, Genesis BCW, Adfactors, Della Group, H+K Strategies among others. Amitesh is Senior Vice President of Beanstalk Asia- a leading Integrated Marketing Communications firm.

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