The Role of PR in Brand Building

Brand building has become an inseparable element that companies cannot overlook. In today’s highly competitive market, it has become mandatory for businesses to focus on marketing and communication for effective brand building. Thus, the concept has become immensely popular and important.

A positive perception plays an integral role in the era of brand building where PR professionals often tend to arrange various PR activities and campaigns to create a positive brand image. This is largely hooked into the very fact that the Public Relations unit of an organisation is crucial in deciding its success. PR can also help an organisation to create an image in its target audience which is simply acknowledged and articulated by the business. One of the key rules of PR is brand building and image formation for any organisation. PR increases brand awareness and even generates a greater audience for the image of the organisation. Many PR professionals work on the ethics of dealing and communicating with the workers of a company, thus maintaining employee relations. It is often said that, “Public Relations is the discipline which looks after reputation.” It is widely accepted that any business aims to optimise growth, increase successively over assets and profit. But all of this is often hooked into the goodwill of the organisation’s various publics.

In today’s time, a major concern for most organisations is the reputation in this competitive market; an honest PR can assist you to create the simplest image possible within the market also because it might be beneficial for the company to face a competitive edge over others. Better communication and relationship building help the organisation in acquaintance with the PR add action. In this interdependent world, nearly all kinds of organisations need to stay an extended-term and trustworthy relations with the communities or public to handle the upcoming challenges and also to take care of the survival and success. The PR business is all about developing, understanding and building a good relationship with the varied publics including government, media, employees, investors, suppliers, customers, etc. Public Relations is a systematised effort to create the image and reputation of a business in a social context.

The value of PR in any organisation can’t be overlooked. Better communication and relationship building help the organisation in acquaintance with the PR work in action. Defining the roles of PR in a corporation is humongous, from social media to branding and therefore the appearances within the press for a organisation. PR professionals manage the client’s communications with the press, which incorporates both contacting the press and responding to the press. Brand identity should be made up of within to figure during a consecutive way of PR strategies.

Companies and public figures use social media to speak with fans and customers, and these accounts are managed by professional communications experts like those on the client’s PR team. PR professionals are in charge of all the communications and appearance for the client’s direct reach with the general public or press. For example, a film star may have to participate in many interviews to market a replacement movie; the star’s PR expert helps coordinate and schedule these interviews. PR executives are even present for events or may accompany the clients for any of their appearances or meetings.

PR is all about sharing the proper information with the proper people at the proper time, to build the proper reputation. Mostly, PR firms work with the organisations to form them effectively and build a particular perception within the industry. PR often works to channel better ways of communication strategies alongside new ways of getting a two-way flow of data and understanding. Creation of an environment where people know how to “walk the talk” which is relevant to employees day to day life and to share an understanding of defined values which brings out a vibrant momentum to the standards of their performance.

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Rajnish Jain
Founder – Crossword Public Relations
Rajnish Jain is the Founder of Crossword Public Relations, founded in September 2015. Rajnish holds a Master’s degree in Finance from Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies. Rajnish has almost nine years of experience in the field of Public Relations and has worked with some of the renowned consultancies in India and contributed to the growth and development of the respective organisations.

Before, starting Crossword Public Relations, he has been associated with SPAG Asia, PRinINDIA, Impact et al. He has worked with companies like Google, HP, Infosysis, Phixman, Get My Parking, Miss Transqueen Beauty pageant, Health King India, Health Queen India, Pratap Mahal- Ajmer – IHCL By SELEQTIONS , etc. Rajnish Jain was recently honored with “The Game Changers Business Awards 2019’ in the field of Public Relations and felicitated by Ms. Swati Maliwal with Janasharnam Award, 2019 for contribution in Women Empowerment in the society.

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