Why you should be working for a regional PR consultancy … Now!

In every aspect of our lives, eventually monotony engulfs us and sooner than we realise, it happens with our professional spheres in this millennial era. When our expectation of being challenged every day with creativity meets the reality of having to deal with ‘yes man’ scenarios, never ending office politics, the tug-of-war between internal and external stakeholders and ever increasing pressure to ‘deliver’ on unrealistic parameters, we stop enjoying the very thing that made us choose our profession, specially when it is as creative(supposedly) as communications.

More I analyse the switching patterns of most professionals working in National PR consultancies in Metro regions of India, more I realise the dearth of happiness & work satisfaction amidst the unmatched gloss & glittering work environment. When life starts revolving around cribbing five days and drinking all that up on Fridays, may be it is time to stop and think what is that we really want to achieve or more importantly, what used to excite us about being in communication. 

With Regional communication being on the radar of most brands today, in this column, I explore 10 reasons why working for a Regional PR consultancy, in a city that is not-so-metro (atleast in its spirit) can be the best decision for you right now! May be its time to #ShiftYourBoundaries and #GoRegional.

  1. Growth of Regional Communication in India

Going beyond the traditional, today brands are shifting boundaries and moving towards Tier 2 and 3 towns. Not just focusing on the urban Indian millennial, interestingly, today, the scene has changed. Apart from the 300-million-plus urban consumers, time is here when focusing on the remaining 500 million users from rural and smaller towns – is paying rich dividends. Everyone has a phone and India has the second largest internet user base in the world today, with over 530 million internet users. For brands – this is a goldmine! 

I have been stating this but would nevertheless sayd it once again, In 2019 “Regional is the new National”. Brands and communication organisations have realised the huge impact Regional India can have in achieving their communication objectives. So, the need to shift focus to Regional India is indeed the way to be in changing times.

  1. Quality of life in regional cities vs metros 

As the headlines go today, living in Delhi being certified as worse than ‘hell’ by the Supreme Court. Other metros like Bangaluru or Mumbai are not much better with most of our lives being spent in traffic jams and choking up on the dismal quality of air. Just how much worse can living in a city get? A lot has been written about pollution that is engulfing us. And, recent research shows that the health impact of pollutants emitted by traffic and other sources has been grossly underestimated, thus negatively impacting the quality of life of urbanites.

The quality of life not only resonates in the air we breathe but also how people lead their lives. I am sure not many would dispute me saying the essence of life in a non-metro is better for our physical and mental well being in more ways than even we can imagine. 

Why not opt for a better quality of life if you can without compromising on your professional goals? Professional goals bring me to the next 3 reasons. 

  1. New challenges everyday – saturation in metros

A research by Nielsen states in creative professions, 70% people face monotony after just 7 years because of lack of challenges to stir their creative chords. With Regional India evolving at a pace faster than any Metro has ever witnessed, there is nothing but challenging battlefield in terms of what we can achieve in Regional communication today. We all have witnessed this transition in the past five years. May be its time to join the bandwagon?

  1. Work satisfaction 

More often than not, work satisfaction is defined by how well you are able to do what you set out to achieve in your professional domain. Shifting to the regional zones, can increase work satisfaction for it is heightened. Because you are able to deliver what you set out to. Because regional markets are more receptive to PR ideas. Because satisfaction is most realised in our smiles when the plans drafted on paper are carved out in reality to the closest measure possible. 

  1. Storytelling like never before – the transition from ‘to whom’ to ‘what’

Brand storytelling is gaining momentum in the marketing world, and with good reason. With the every evolving Regional landscape, the story matters more than the relationships you have built over the years. Here, it’s challenging, yet so fascinating.

The whole idea is how to use a narrative to connect your brand to customers, with a focus on linking what you stand for to the values you share with your customers. Now wouldn’t this be more interesting, when the story unfolds to the regional consumers? Isn’t the prospect of tweaking storytelling discipline more challenging? 

  1. Pay scales matching up

How satisfied are you in your urban professional life?  Is it connected to a high pay scale? Let’s debunk the myth! Regional communication pays equivalent, if not more in today’s time. With the budgets increasing for regional outreach across brands, it’s only going to get better. Seems like the place to be?

  1. Perks of visiting unheard places

Do you really have to wait for your holidays and plan tourist visits? Now, is the time to break out of your travel bubble! You can get to places you never thought to visit before. With clients reaching out to Tier 2 and Tier 3 towns, the perks of traveling to unheard, beautiful places is indeed, a blessing. Not only it makes you grow as a professional, but also widens your horizon on how you perceive India.

So, with a happier lifestyle, this is when that magic is going to happen! You can enjoy living the life of a really adventurous soul. And, make sure that each day has the potential to be the best day you’ve ever had! 

  1. Office Politics? – Only thing we lack behind

We are not yet there – When you work in an environment that’s driven by ideas and growth, there is less scope for politics. How does it help? Not in your profession scope may be, but sure keeps you saner. With mental health being on top of concerns for creative professionals in this age, one less worry goes a long way.

  1. Explore-more’ approach

Even if you are not a hardcore communications person, you will be intrigued to explore the facets of regional India. There is so much to explore with very little known, one can’t not help but deep dive! If exploring different facets of your profession interests you and lets your creativity flow, Regional communication sounds exactly that.

  1. Learning opportunities

That’s last but the most important. It’s sure fun to present a mundane idea in a fancy presentation and hoping client gets swayed. But it’s even better to chalk out new ideas that suit your client needs and presenting them in regional colors. Because the regional markets are evolving by the day, the learning never stops.

I absolutely hate those diplomatic cringe-worthy individuals who plug in self promotion while claiming to elevate the industry they belong! But just because I did not claim Regional to be any different from National in this regard, if these 10 reasons bring out the creative hat for you too, write to us at hr@fuzionpr.co.in and choose to work at any of our offices located in 12 non-metro cities.

Mukesh Kharbanda
Managing Director, Fuzion PR Pvt. Ltd. (A part of Fuzion Group of Companies)
Mukesh Kharbanda is the most awarded PR professional in Regional PR space. He is considered a synonym to Regional PR in India and has been at the forefront in increasing the role and scope of Regional Communications. His belief in the potential of Regional India and vision to explore dimensions of PR beyond metros in India, has lead Fuzion PR Pvt. Ltd. to being the strongest and most trusted Regional PR firm in the country.

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