Work-life balance – A myth or a fact

As working professionals, we all strive for the so called ‘work-life balance’ and make conscious efforts towards achieving that with a view to bring ourselves joy. We measure our success through this parameter. To me this feels like an overrated belief which has been attached with too much importance. Allow me to explain.

When we say ‘work- life balance’, it should mean two equals but is that realistic? Life is fluid. Every person goes through different phases in life. There is a phase when a person is single and able to dedicate more time at work building their career causing no distress in personal life, as, responsibilities (personal) are limited. He is happily doing that. There comes another phase in life, when personal responsibilities take precedence over work. One has less time for work and career, because the emphasis shifts to family.

As the wheel of life roll on, you may yet again find more time for career or personal pursuits when personal life is settled. Life is made of peaks and valleys, where we spend more time in certain pursuits and less in others. This is the fact!

Our best individual work-life balance varies with time, often on a daily basis. What seems like the right balance today will perhaps be different tomorrow. The right balance when you are single is different than when you marry; or when you have children; when you start a new career versus when you are nearing retirement.

For each of us the best work-life balance is different because we all have different priorities and different lives.

However, there are two key concepts that are relevant to each of us: Daily Achievement and Enjoyment. We cannot get complete value from life without these two. Now this is something which is true for each and every one of us. Life delivers the value and balance we desire when we are achieving and enjoying something every single day in all the important areas that make up our lives – professional and personal. The very fundamental and basic things that our life comprises of could be work, family, self and friends. When, and, if we are able to draw a meaningful achievement and enjoyment daily out of these, we may like to look at it as our work-life balance.

At work we can create our own best work-life balance by making sure we not only achieve, but also reflect the joy of the job, and the joy of life, every day. Feel proud of yourself for doing that by patting yourself on the back. Also help others to do the same.

Both in the personal as well as professional realms, if a person not only gets things done but also enjoys doing those things, he or she is considered as successful because it attracts people to them. People want them as a part of their lives and want to be with them as they are achievers.

The concept is very simple. And can be easily implemented if it is focused upon as a key component of your day. Make it happen, for yourself, your family and all the important individuals you care for.

Having said that, striving for work-life balance is an unrealistic goal as it is a myth. So stop worrying about that and celebrate the times when there is a little off balance since these are usually the times when most of the learning happens. The key to success is not work-life balance but being able to maintain the strength of inner joy through all the phases.

The views expressed here are that of the author and do not necessarily reflect that of Reputation Today.

Ritu Bararia
Ritu is a Corporate Communications leader, Mentor, Author, Public Relations Evangelist, Thought leader, Advisor. She has nearly two decades of working experience having spearheaded Communications, PR and Corporate Affairs with corporate brands such as Kingfisher Airlines, The Park Hotels, Bird Group.

She quit her corporate career in the beginning of 2018 to try her hand at various related things within communications space. She turned into a published author in 2020 with her maiden book ‘Little Joys of Communication’.

Currently Ritu is Senior Director at SCoRe and, Executive Director Communicators Guild – India (CGI).

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