25 years of adaptability, agility and empathy

15 years ago, on a rainy evening in the quaint town of Jamshedpur, I remember telling my folks about my desire to pursue communications and journalism. Needless to say, that created quite the stir at home and amidst my friend/peer circles, considering many were unsure of the dynamics of this industry and few also found it unconventional. I would be untruthful if I said I myself did not have those occasional moments of self-doubt and anxiety. For me, it has been a little over half a decade of learning, experimenting, breaking barriers and creating change in the dynamic world of Public Relations and Reputation Consulting. And Adfactors has been an unforgettable partner in this journey.

In today’s era of the millennials and Gen Z, I am often asked ‘how can one really have a long stint with the same company?’ This truly depends on the ethos, vision and milieu that your firm creates for you. At my current organisation, change has been the only constant.

Not one day is like another at this organisation, regardless of one’s designation or work profile. With a diverse clientele and a bouquet of exciting internal programmes, learning & experimenting is at the core of our journey.

What has always kept me on my toes, is the way the firm has democratised opportunities for all. You have organisations that grow and then you have organisations which nurture the growth of their people in their journey. Adfactors truly leads by example on this front, and not just in terms of the usual work life appraisal and remunerations, but the ecosystem of opportunities that it extends to the employees.  Whether it is our industry first initiative Millennial Shadow Board, the Decathlon, multiple professional development programs, an extensive 8-month course in Digital Marketing (and many other industry focused upskilling courses), executive leadership development programmes or our engagement with global PR firms and leading international universities; the culture of unlearning and relearning is impartially inspiring.

In any typical organisation, one’s association with the leadership, especially at the entry/mid-level is restricted. On the contrary, here we are at this firm, where open door policy is unapologetically open door. At the helm, we have two inspiring leaders, with global recognition and accolades, yet humble and grounded, and cognizant of every employee’s personality, potential and prowess. To me personally, their energy is infectious, their vision is aspirational and their deep rooted connect with community, heart-warming.

We are a firm of change-makers, from the foundation to the roof. The historical military general, strategist, philosopher, and writer Sun-Tzu said, “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.” This rings true in the case of Adfactors PR. In the course of celebrating 25 years as an independent Indian PR consultancy, Adfactors PR has experienced chaos, turned tides, and unexpected opportunities. We have survived and thrived this illustrious journey and I believe it is going to get more adventurous from here. For me, now, and years down line, wherever I am, Adfactors will always be home.

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This article is part of a SILVER JUBILEE series by Adfactors PR commemorating their 25th year in the business of Public Relations.

Sweta Mohanty
Sweta Mohanty is Millennial Board Director and an Account Manager with Adfactors PR.
With over six years of diverse experience in public relations and communications, she has worked with leading brands across sectors such as Start-ups, Technology, Consumer, Real Estate, Home Design, Legal, Automotive, Healthcare and HR Consultancies. She is an active participant in the company’s L&D and growth initiatives, and has also played a crucial role in mentoring young executives in the firm. Recently she was awarded The Accreditation in PR (AIPR), a certification provided by the Public Relations Consultants Association of India (PRCAI). She has also been featured in Godrej PR Moment’s 30 under 30 feature in 2020. Identifying herself as an ‘adult in denial’, she is an aspiring chef who also has passion for travel, painting and motor racing.

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