Being Innovative, Fearless and Humble

Completing 25 successful years is a milestone year for any organisation. On this day, as I look back at the 12 years that I have invested here, I feel nostalgic. There are so many memories to reminisce about. I remember I was interviewed twice, when I joined, back in 2010. Due to his busy schedule, Mr. Madan Bahal had forgotten some details from our first meeting and wanted to be doubly sure of my strengths, weaknesses, habits, hobbies and background like what I read, what I do in my free time and who all are there in the family, etc. Today as Adfactors PR completes the first quarter of a century, I realise why it was important for him to be doubly sure. Getting 1400+ people to work under one umbrella and unanimously work towards one goal is not an easy feat at all.

The culture of Adfactors has taught me the importance of being a human with humility, which is now a way of life. 25 years is a long journey and even today I can feel a freshness in terms of the role I play, the clients I work with, and the innovation being done within the organisation. We have covered a lot, but the desire to create a new milestone for our clients and for ourselves has never taken a back seat.

We love challenges and so are ever ready to discover new business horizons through upskilling in the appropriate dimension. A true character of an organisation is tested in difficult times and Adfactors has always come up bigger and better during recessions, the pandemic or any industry transitions. The ever-evolving attitude of the organisation always attracts and excites me to go out-of-the-box and set a new benchmark, with the humility intact.

Being relevant is important but not easy, because nobody knows how to be relevant, and in the last few years this has been a topic of discussion in every business fraternity. The fast changing industry dimension has put a pause to all the business experts. But, just like a few, we at Adfactors dared to experiment taking an extra effort, upskilled ourselves; started new services and kept it modifying till it suits tonality of our core business. The faith of our clients is a testimony that we are always there for them in earned media space.

I joined Adfactors in a Crisis Manager’s role and had successfully conducted more than 100 critical assignments across the country, but in due course of time, from a sole warrior, now I am a part the Mobility vertical, leading a fairly large team. This transition reminds me of the interview I had with Mr Bahal. Where on offer was a world of opportunities.

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This article is part of a SILVER JUBILEE series by Adfactors PR commemorating their 25th year in the business of Public Relations.

Anand Prakash
Anand Prakash is Sr Group Head at Adfactors PR. In this role, he works as advocacy and strategic communication specialist, while overseeing Crisis Management, Reputation Management and Public Affairs for a wide variety of Corporates.

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