If the fire is burning, there must be some fuel left

Stephen Pyne, an American professor who specialises in environmental history, the history of exploration and the history of fire says,

“Earth is a uniquely fire planet, and humanity a uniquely fire creature, and the ecology of their interactions is both ancient and profound.

Are you waking up each morning with hope? Are you stepping out of your home each day with new dreams and aspirations? The fire inside you is burning bright outside. It can be seen from a distance in spite of a deep forest around you. Don’t extinguish it thinking you will burn yourself. That fire is a reminder that you have some fuel left, that you are alive, and can go the distance, a little further ahead. You need to keep looking at the fuel meter though. Do not let your car breakdown for want of fuel. Stop by. Take a pause. Recharge yourself. Enjoy the break before you reignite your journey.

How do you refuel? How do you recharge? You are not a car. You are not a smart phone. You are human. You need to generate your own energy but in a different way. You need a different kind of fuel. No, I am not talking about burning carbohydrates to generate energy that can move your body. I am talking about the fuel that keeps you sane, that keeps you inspired, that keeps you burning, that keeps you alive in spite of your body. 

There are many sources available. The good news is that it’s free of cost unlike all other kinds of fuel. It is self-generative. All you need to do is do your work, your karma with passion, with honesty. Or sing a song, or for that matter, even listen to a melodious tune. You can also serve the old and feed the poor. Or simply go deeper in your devotion to your God if you believe in one. You can meditate. Even better, just remember your Guru, if you are blessed with one and that’s about it. It’s not at all difficult just very unbelievable for most people. The ego wouldn’t allow you to believe that. How can such intangible pursuits refuel you? How can something that’s free of cost be of any value to you? How is it possible that it’s possible but there is no known science behind it? Why should you believe it? Don’t believe it. Trust it. Belief comes with an element of doubt. Trust is absolute. In fact, trust will also leave some questions. It will push you back towards belief. This auto-fueling mechanism works better on faith. 

It’s another method altogether. It’s about surrendering your identity, yourself. Nobody wants to do that right. I mean you spend a whole lifetime building your identity. And here, someone comes and says, surrender it. That’s faith. It’s somewhat crazy. It’s like someone asking you to float in air and promising you won’t fall. He must be stupid. He isn’t saying gravity doesn’t exist, just that it doesn’t matter anymore. It’s another world, and opens up another realm of possibilities. Possibilities that never existed in your world before this.

In this new world, you are never short on fuel. You burn bright enough to light up people and environments around you. You aren’t depleted anymore. You are on mains electricity, the source of which is infinite. It’s an incredible world, you can consume as much as you want, just that your needs aren’t as much anymore. You just need a little for yourself. Just enough to keep on moving. You are fueling to keep others alive. You are giving access to what may have been an accidental discovery for you. You cannot give them your fuel. You just need to direct them to that free electricity connection.

Guru Dàs
Guru Dās is an observer and an under cover agent. He sells ideas for a living. Sometimes they work.

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