Learning beyond measure

I can literally count the experiences I have won with my fingers and the AMEC global measurement summit was undoubtedly one of the best experiences.

Between us, you can certainly imagine how overwhelming a global get together on measurement would be. Would I understand the terms that are thrown around in most global offices and make sense of it? Would I be able to network and meet people who would help me navigate through the phenomenon of measurement in a better way? YES, a hundred times yes!

For starters, the online set up was extremely navigable and even the lounge activities and leader-board were informative which says volumes about how an online congregation should be hosted. Back-to-back sessions, with each one better than the other, the two-day summit was a knowledge treasure trove that kept on giving. With speakers from some of the best brands and organisations across the world, it was nothing short of a wonderland for someone who has just scratched the surface with measurement. I really want to share my learnings, so here goes: 

HOW to set up KPIs to measure what matters? Caitlin Johnson of Visit Britain’s key analysis about measurement and how do we as PR professionals benefit from it hit home. Afterall, we see ourselves fighting all odds to showcase impact. What does help is to dissect the data and then a little more – there are different ways to track brand love especially for a destination and how we move customers along the funnel with our narrative makes all the difference. A huge pie divided across the functions it plays within the PR realm and how each of it can have different measurement is what I truly understood from Caitlin. 

SHOULD you keep questioning? Yes! The more your ask, the more answers you get. OkCupid’s Michael Kaye precisely explained how understanding the environment and asking relevant questions helped OKCupid to stand for something that changed the way dating apps were viewed, especially during the pandemic. Through database and back-end measurement, the observations and trends gathered eventually led to powerful headlines. Helping people connect on a deeper level and making news is no simple task especially with this level of inclusivity – Successfully turning user data into PR creative😊 

WE already have everything we need! With the web of internet and the information that is freely available online, especially on Google, unearthing trends, challenges, insight, issue-based information among other aspects is literally as simple and smooth as cutting into a fresh cake. Search data is a rich goldmine of information on our audience and it’s often freely available. Sophie Coley of SearchListening opened a new world when she very casually stated how Google’s auto-suggestions often serve up more insightful data than the keyword planner and it is 100% accurate. My only relation to auto-suggestions was for personal needs and never could I imagine a full-fledged strategy based on search-listening. Pretty impressive, wouldn’t you say?

MEASURE your success through holistic data, planning, ethics and relevance. A personal and professional milestone was to witness the unveiling of Barcelona Principles 3.0, the holy framework for effective public relations and communications measurement. Each and every point mentioned here seems like the most sensible upgrade that the industry needs right now. I was pretty stunned. I still am!

Wellness being at the core of our existence now, one of the most inspiring and eye-opening experiences was hearing Gabriella Stern of WHO talk about the rapid overnight transformation of the communications vertical which took a full turn from its traditional approach to cutting edge innovation to amplify real time information on #COVID19 news, at scale. Gabriella’s key questions have always been the ones below and it is self-explanatory:

  • Who we can reach?
  • How we can reach them at scale?
  • How we can reach them quickly?
  • What messages resonate the most?

Over and above the ones mentioned, there were many more insights that have changed the way I have been working, just like that! AMEC Global Summit on measurement and its passionate community is 14/10 recommended for any individual who truly wants to understand the core of measurable impact and delivery.

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Brinda Iyer
Having had a ringside view of the dynamic PR and communications industry for the last eight years, I am a relentless yet enthusiastic learner passionate about creating compelling stories and arriving at innovative brand solutions in a collaborative way. I currently serve as an Account Director in the Brand Sports and Entertainment vertical of Genesis - BCW

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