Stronger Together for a safer today and a better tomorrow

Given the current conversation around sexual harassment a few professionals in public relations, supported by a few organisations have come together to voice their concern for safer workplaces for all. The movement is called #StrongerTogether and advocates zero tolerance towards workplace sexual harassment. The campaign aims to get as many professionals to sign up and pledge to fight this menace. The statement of the first movers is below.
The pledge taken by those who have signed-up is:
“Navigating the rough waters of sexual harassment at the workplace can be difficult and challenging. A lot of times there is pressure to stay quiet and not talk about these incidents or address them. Both men and women go through this. However, the cases where women are victims are far more common. 
In light of the numerous instances of sexual harassment that are coming into the public realm, we are coming together as a community of professionals in Public Relations and Corporate Communications to advocate a safe space for sharing experiences. This group will also act as a platform for advice and counsel and will help build a movement for victims to reach out to and get support in any form that would be required. 
We want to create an environment of zero tolerance for workplace sexual harassment and assure fellow professionals that they are not alone when they are victimised. In the second phase we invite other like-minded women and men to join this group to ensure a 100% safe and comfortable work environment for all. As custodians of reputation for brands it is our duty to promote a culture of mutual respect within organisations.”
The following professionals have signed up to advocate safer workspaces:
    1. Sunita Venugopal
    2. Sunaina Jairath
    3. Sonia Huria
    4. Shreya Krishnan
    5. Seema Ahuja
    6. Sarah Gideon
    7. Prema Sagar
    8. Prasidha Menon
    9. Kavita Rao
    10. Deepa Sridhar
    11. Bianca Ghose
    12. Bhavna Jagtiani
    13. Arwa Husain
    14. Archana Jain
    15. Anubhuti Mathur
    16. Amrit Ahuja
    17. Bhuvaneshwari Cheruvu
    18. Sumathi Chari
    19. Ishita Mukherjee
    20. Sushmita Bandhopadhyay
    21. Abhishek Mahapatra
    22. Amith Prabhu
    23. Bhavna Singh
    24. Saraswathi Mohan
    25. Karishma Joseph
    26. Tarunjeet Rattan
    27. Sudha Sarin
    28. Amandeep Singh
    29. Jyotsna Nanda Dash
    30. Archana Muthappa
    31. Rishi Seth
    32. Sharad Goel
    33. Shravani Dang
    34. Madhavi Behl
    35. Rachana Panda
    36. Pradeep Wadhwa
    37. Pratishtha Kaura
    38. Roma Balwani
    39. Hina Huria
    40. Chetan Mahajan
    41. Heena Kanal
    42. Rekha Rao
    43. Sunayna Malik
    44. Vaishnavi Murali

The campaign is supported by PRCAI, School of Communications & Reputation, PR Moment India and Reputation Today.

For more details mail or follow @_StrongTogether on Twitter.

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  1. Dear Amith and All Colleagues, a great movement for now and the future. And hope it stays alive to move away the past and present.

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