Trends that will boost PR in 2022

With a massive set back to the economy after the lockdown, every brand wants to be visible in such a manner that they want to stand apart from the existing brands. Every brand whether established or newbie has one target after their achievement – to let the whole world know about it. Here comes the role of Brand Consultants & PR Managers who help any brand grow in a better way and changes the game for them. Gone are the days when only traditional PR was the way ahead for brand promotions. Sharing the Trends that will rule PR Industry in Year 2022:

  1. Coming out of the Traditional Shell

Though maintaining media relations and traditional PR content continue to play a crucial role in our field, modern PR professionals will be expected to handle a much wider range of responsibilities than in previous years. PR will no longer be a press release creating machine, it’ll come as a content creating partner. It’ll work alongside the media partners and act as a content partner finding good news stories and adding value.

  1. In loop with Social Media Marketing

Planning a Media & PR strategy will always mark a big impact if it will be promoted well on Social Media Platforms as well. These days Digital PR is something we deliberately focus upon along with traditional PR as digital media always help a brand to grow massively on internet.

For achieving better results, custom practices as per audience insights and clients’ vision and expectations are recommended. Customised services when it comes to brand awareness, media coverage, online engagement, and sales conversion by integrating Public Relations, Social Media, Brand Consultation, and Digital Marketing will take the fore.

  1. Personalised & Exclusive Media Pitch

In a recent study, more than 90% PR Professionals says that individual email media pitching has resulted in better conversions of media stories than mass emailing. Sharing first hand exclusive media pitch with individual journalists always help the brand to gain more content specific story in return. Through this process any agency can generate quality stories for clients with data specific content.

  1. Cross Promotion Culture

Encouraging brands to opt for Cross promotion branding & PR exercise will be next big thing. This exercise helps brand to gain mass visibility and also to grab the eye balls of partnered brand loyal audience. This fetches faster and better results than individual promotional activities.

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Neha Bahl
Neha Bahl is a Gurgaon based Women Entrepreneur and founder of PR & Brand Consultation firm Qube Communication. She holds over 10 years of rich experience in Media & Brand Communication and has worked with more than 100 brands across hospitality, health, individual profiles, interior, FMCG & beauty sectors.

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