PR Club Session on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Recently PR Club put together an amazing session on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with Chandralika Hazarika, MD & Co-founder Bigthink. The session explained what Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are, and highlighted how these technologies can be used to compliment businesses across different industries. During this session the speaker was pretty transparent about the pros and cons of this technology and how we can best use it to our advantage. The session made us realise how inevitable AI and ML are in our lives and how we should approach this new technology to stay in-sync with the changing times.

AI – Artificial intelligence leverages computers and machines to mimic the problem solving and decision making capabilities of the human mind.
ML – Machine learning is a branch of AI and computer science which focuses on the use of data and algorithms to imitate the way humans learn, gradually improving its accuracy.

Rise of AI
Chandralika believes the covid-pandemic accelerated the growth and adoption of AI in business across the spectrum. As humans were put behind doors it was machines that had to come to the fore and help businesses survive. One such example is virtual fashion shows held during the pandemic. These fashion shows were not just another show on Zoom but was rather a show created by using AR, VR and D-fake. It was able to effectively capture the essence of a real world fashion show and did so at a much lower cost. Apart from the fashion industry, some of the other fields where AI can be used extensively are; e-commerce, navigation, robotics, HR, healthcare, agriculture, gaming, automobiles, social media and marketing.

Infrastructure needed for AI
Today the word AI is being used very casually, everyone says they have created an AI. Yes, the infrastructure needed to manage a basic AI system like that of Swiggy or Zomato is easy and cheap. All you need is a computer system and a techie. However, creating an AI from scratch needs enormous amounts of data. It would need a million data points to be able to effectively take decisions and complete tasks. Therefore, developing an AI technology takes time and money but by the time this technology reaches its end user it becomes very much affordable.

Business and customers perspective towards AI
There is no resistance to AI from business or customers as long as they see utility. Business owners only care about how these technologies could positively impact their bottom line. Also AI can be a great tool for small businesses to compete effectively in the market against corporate giants.

How can AI be used in PR
AI could be used extensively by PR and Corp Comm professionals to combat fake news and misinformation that can negatively impact their company or client. Also AI could be used to segment the audience and target them with a customised approach. While tracking competition can be made much easier using AI.

The importance of data protection
How we manage our data is crucial. Data Privacy is a big problem in today’s world. Chandralika insists on being conscious about our data and advises everyone to read what we sign up for whether it’s an app or on a website. During this session she also speaks about how important it is for companies and brands to use the data ethically as custodians of that data.

The rise of AI and its impact on job market
According to Chandralika, AI will definitely take away a few jobs, especially the kind that involves data entry. However, she says, ‘AI will never take over completely but instead assist humans enormously’. This highlights how we need to be aware of the latest technologies specially that are affecting our industry. The first step in this direction can be following some of the pure tech media houses around the world.

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Husain Udaipurwala
Husain Udaipurwala is from Mumbai and is currently working at AdfactorPR, managing major BFSI brands. Husain holds a master’s diploma in public relations and corporate communications from School of Communication and Reputation.

Outside of work, Husain is a cricket enthusiast and has a passion for cars.

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