Working from office vs home – What has changed?

As with all things, some people love working from home, while on the other end of the spectrum are those who absolutely loathe it. No matter what’s your stance on the topic, with remote working becoming the new reality, it will shed some of the stigma attached to it. Working remotely has its perks but also challenges, and individuals as well as consultancies today are doing all they can to work efficiently. So, how are things different when working from home?


Most of you who travel by public transport might’ve heaved a sigh of relief. Surely, nobody is a fan of getting themselves stubbed in their toe or getting jabbed in their ribs by an elbow while traveling in trains during peak hours. Also, no more being stuck in traffic. Apart from saving yourself from the travel stress and fatigue, you are saving precious time which then can be used in better, more productive ways. You now have more time to indulge in your hobbies and be with your family. Some people have even reported improved personal relationships due to more time at home.


No more getting up in the morning and rushing out to work. With commuting to the office out of the picture, you are free of the whole morning office routine. Now, you are the king of your own schedule. You call the shots on when to eat and when to take a break. Like with all new things that need getting used to, stepping into a new routine that works for you may take some time. On regular workdays, most of us are on autopilot because we know our schedules like the back of our hand. The work from home situation demands a whole new way of going about our lives.


An office environment provides the means to have an in-person conversation, speeding up certain processes. But thanks to the digital world we live in, there’s no escaping your boss even at home. One of the most important things while working with other people is effective communication without which work issues are likely to crop up. From video conferencing to virtual meetings, technology has made things simpler and effective. It’s extremely crucial to stay connected and be on your toes, especially when dealing with clients. A host of apps like Slack, Hangouts, Zoom etc. help in being connected and collaborating with team members. 


There are divided opinions on whether working from home improves productivity. A study by Stanford conducted over a period of two year shows, that it does enhance it. Treating work time at home as you would when at the office makes a huge difference in the way you carry out your work. It takes immense willpower to actually stay put and work when ten different things are vying for your attention. Putting restrictions and keeping away distractions as much as possible goes a long way in helping you focus on the tasks at hand. Needless to say, discipline and productivity go hand in hand.


Working from the office provides you the freedom to work without having to worry about the WiFi or the printer not functioning but working from home gives you a chance to create your own dedicated space tailored to your work needs. You can have the AC at the temperature you prefer plus nobody to judge you on your messy desk. Not only can you adjust your comfort level by moving things around, but you can also surround yourself with the things you love which is not possible in an office environment. Setting the space right works wonders for the mood which in turn affects how you work.

While working from home, a sense of isolation can set in and people from a conservative corporate culture may have a hard time adjusting but adapting to the situation is the need of the hour. Working from home is better than the reputation it has and at the end of the day, all is well as long as the work gets done.

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