AMEC Summit 2023

Each year, professionals from the field of public relations, consulting and communication measurement gather at the renowned annual AMEC Summit. This summit never fails to captivate, inspire, and provide valuable insights. Over the years, the AMEC Summit has been instrumental in introducing groundbreaking initiatives such as the Barcelona Principles, Valid Metrics Framework, Integrated Evaluation Framework, M3 Tool, and many more. The 2023 AMEC  summit held in Miami was no exception, and it also marked a few notable firsts. It was the first time the AMEC Summit took place in North America, and personally, it was my inaugural AMEC summit as the chairman of AMEC. Previously, I had attended the summit as either a delegate or a speaker.

In this article, I will share three key takeaways from this year’s summit:

  1. Embrace generative technologies at an individual level rather than waiting for enterprise-level solutions to become readily available. The landscape is evolving rapidly, and remarkable use cases are being discovered. Although it may take time for organisations to fully adopt these solutions, employees can undoubtedly elevate their performance by leveraging the existing options. For instance, a seasoned research professional shared that her team is utilising chatgpt to create advanced Boolean queries for research projects. This innovative approach has significantly enhanced the speed and quality of their data gathering process.
  2. The ethical implications surrounding the use of data and emerging AI/generative technologies will soon become a prominent concern. It is imperative for every organisation to establish a comprehensive policy in this regard and effectively communicate it to all team members. Such efforts should be implemented at the enterprise level. An upcoming role that will be in high demand is that of a Data Ethicist.
  3. The application of AMEC’s knowledge and frameworks extends to communication planning for an incredibly diverse range of objectives. At the AMEC summit, there were enlightening sessions by corporations, non-profit organisations, military entities, and academicians. These sessions served as platforms to showcase their communication research and planning case studies.

Additionally, AMEC announced the launch of a new scholarship called the Scholarship for Academic Research in Evaluation of Communication (SAREC). This prestigious scholarship will be awarded annually to an academic researcher who demonstrates innovative research findings and thought leadership in the field of communication measurement and evaluation. The recipient of the SAREC scholarship will be invited to deliver a 30-minute presentation in the main hall of the AMEC Global Summit, and they will receive financial support of US$5,000 to cover their travel and accommodation expenses. Furthermore, the recipient will be granted complimentary registration to attend the Summit, which is valued at over US$2,000.

AMEC Summit sessions are available for streaming on-demand. To access summit sessions, individuals can obtain summit access passes through the official website,

Looking ahead, the 2024 AMEC summit is scheduled to take place in Sofia, Bulgaria. If you believe that you can contribute to or benefit from advancements in the field of communication research and measurement, you are cordially invited to attend the AMEC Summit 2024.

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Aseem Sood
CEO, Impact Research & Measurement Pvt. Ltd.
Director- International Board, AMEC
Aseem, a dog lover, is currently the Chief Executive Officer at Impact Research & Measurement Pvt. Ltd. He is also a Director at The International Association of Measurement and Evaluation of Communication. In 2017 he was honoured with the AMEC Lifetime Fellowship Award for his contribution to the Industry. Aseem spends his free time playing with new electronic gadgets/ softwares; helping friends choose the right gadgets; listening to music; or connecting with old friends.

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