Checklist for Aspirants to Shine in PR and Communications Profession

The beauty of the communications profession is that it is a dynamic and diverse industry. It is probably the only business sector which offers career aspirants a scope to work on different business functions. The all-around exposure helps them gain 360-degree knowledge. The demand for versatility and pressure to deliver under deadlines can be overwhelming for many budding comms professionals. However, with a few simple lifestyle changes and discipline, they can effectively deal with work pressures and shine in their role.

Here are five ways comms pros can manage their mental health in a high-pressure work environment and enhance productivity.

Declutter Mind and Space

The inner state and work atmosphere influence our productivity. The cluttered and chaotic workplace can trigger heightened emotions like anger and frustration. Negative emotions kill creativity and rational thinking. While you may not have much control over the external environment, a few things may help you set the right tone for the day. Declutter your workspace first thing in the morning. Keep your desk clean and free of unwanted stuff like papers. You may keep indoor plants and artefacts for a soothing effect. Also, calm your mind with meditation/mindfulness practice before starting a day. Utilize this time to set the right tone for the day.

Checklist for Productivity

Our brain has a limitation in remembering everything, hence, a checklist/schedule comes in handy. It helps to note down daily tasks and set priorities. Try to leverage technology to do the mechanical work and spend more time on planning, strategy building and creative thinking. It will help you save time and utilize it for creative things. You don’t need to complete all tasks in one day. However, a checklist allows us to keep track of the progress of the projects.

Multitasking kills Focus

Multitasking is a buzzword across industries, and people take pride in calling themselves multi-taskers. However, various studies have shown that multitasking is bad for growth. It not only affects focus but also causes stress and anxiety. Multitasking can lead to mistakes and half-hearted performance. Since people have too many things on their plates, they hardly pay attention to details. Focus on one task at a time and avoid digital distractions like social media. Understand your resources and limitations before committing to deliverables. Focus on quality rather than quantity.

Refresh and Reset

Sometimes, despite proper planning, we cannot complete the task within the deadline. Be flexible to change the course of action according to the situation. It is okay if certain things get postponed to the next day. Also, ensure you take ample breaks during the day to refresh and reset for the next task. Utilize breaks for recreational activities and socializing with friends/co-workers. Keep your body hydrated and eat wholesome food to avoid cravings for packaged/fast food. Healthy lifestyle changes can have a positive impact on productivity.

Review your Performance

Self-assessment is a good practice to identify interests and areas of improvement. Review your performance at the end of the day and note down highlights and low lights. It will help you to make revisions to your strategies and improve performance. Self-assessment also allows you to develop emotional intelligence to deal with critical people/situations effectively.

Celebrate Small Wins

Learn the art of celebrating small wins instead of chasing big victories. Self-motivation plays a crucial role in effectively dealing with stress. Reward yourself for your efforts and spend time on the things which give you encouragement and peace. Spending time in nature has benefits in coping with emotional distress. Also, lifestyle changes like sufficient rest, exercise, meditation and recreational activities can help unlock your creativity and improve performance.

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Priyanka Pugaokar
Priyanka Pugaokar is a communications professional with expertise in internal and external communication, crisis communications, content generation and media relations. She holds over ten years of combined experience in communications and business journalism. She is currently associated with Rashi Peripherals Limited as Corporate Communications Manager and leads several strategic projects. She is an avid travel explorer. A lifelong learner, she holds interest in yoga, naturopathy, energy healing and crystallography.

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