Growing and learning with my firm

The year 2022 is when Adfactors PR and I both turned 25 years old. Twenty-five years of growing, fun, adapting to the new normal, reskilling and upskilling. The journey of Adfactors PR and mine have almost mirrored one another. From learning to stand on its own in the late 1990s to adapting to the world of internet with Orkut, Facebook and Twitter in the 2010s, to now attempting to strike a balance between too many options, including newspapers, television, digital, AI, Metaverse and so on. The lesson I’ve taken away from this little but fascinating journey of life and from my time at Adfactors PR is to never stop being curious, to always be adapting, and to never be afraid to fall. On the occasion of Adfactors PR’s 25th anniversary, a large part of the conversation will centre on the company’s growth journey, accomplishments and the accolades it has received on a national and worldwide level. Well, there is no doubt about it, or else it wouldn’t be one of the largest and most well-known PR firms in the nation. But with all of its glory and fame, in my opinion, the most prestigious achievement that Adfactors PR has accomplished is the respect and trust its clients and employees have for the firm. The company’s ‘people first’ approach is what has made it stand apart and succeed in the business.

I have consistently made efforts to build and sustain long lasting relationships with my family and friends, in the same way Adfactors PR has done it with both their clients and employees. The firm’s employee centric and people first ethos is what attracts the talent from different sectors. Adfactors PR has always believed in investing in its most valuable asset – Employees. From hands-on training to various courses from some of the top universities, internal programmes and process are some ways in which Adfactors PR’s employees have remained ahead of the curve. The upskilling boosts employee morale, teamwork and contentment, which is further reflected and showcased in the work delivered to the clients.

The firm also believes in celebrating the contribution of executives every year on the World Youth Day as the Account Executive Day. These numerous gestures demonstrate how much Adfactors PR as a firm thinks about its employees. By celebrating the foot soldiers every year and empowering them to become leaders of tomorrow, there is an emphasis on People First.

Client centricity is the centre of any service profession but Adfactors PR takes it up a notch. With servicing over 500 clients from across industries, Adfactors PR has created great relationships by providing value to its clients’ business. This is where employees’ new learning and upskilling come in handy as when there is any challenge the firm is well equipped to find solutions. It’s always about providing extra value, maintaining relationships, and knowing about your client’s business.

When I, along with some recent graduates was standing on the threshold of college looking for a job a large part of the world had closed its doors for us because of Covid. However, Adfactors PR decided to hire and groom us to work in the middle of global pandemic and chaos and handhold us during the induction and first month of our new journey. For me it has been more than two years of learning and gaining from the best leaders in the business. Obviously, there have been days of slump and failures, but every day has brought with it new experiences and lessons.

The views and opinions published here belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the publisher. This article is part of a SILVER JUBILEE series by Adfactors PR commemorating their 25th year in the business of Public Relations.

Kritika Khatwani
Kritika Khatwani is Senior Account Executive at Adfactors PR.

An alumni of the School of Communication & Reputation (SCoRe), Mumbai, she has an avid inclination towards creativity and writing and that is what pushed her to pursue a career in public relations. Music and coffee are her meditation.

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