New-age PR strategies for 2022

With the ongoing changes in Marketing & PR industry after Covid -19, all PR consultancies are leaving no area to push brands to connect with their communities with all new age PR Strategies. PR Professionals had to think on their feet, engage more with journalists to help brands share their side of the story with interesting pegs, positive stories, work on personalised pitches and ensure that internal and external stakeholders are updated frequently. Following are the key new age PR strategies that will trend second half of year 2022:

  1. The PR and Marketing thin line merging

Before the pandemic, marketing and PR were considered to be separate areas with different goals. In the new normal, both areas have to work closely together in support of the larger brand message of the brand. As a result, PR professionals need to include supportive brand awareness messaging with their media pitches and constantly provide market trend reports to the marketing teams to stay on top of the newest, upcoming trends.

  1. Digital PR will lead the road

Undoubtedly, digital PR was replacing traditional media since 2015 and with the new normal, this technology-driven age has changed media networking in many ways. PR Professionals are creating new story ideas of promotional strategies, specifically focusing on the digital space to gain momentum. A well-planned & executed digital PR strategy helps in building great exposure and engagement for brands.

  1. Influencer PR is powerful PR tool

Social media is an effective marketing tool, and it’s here to stay for a much longer period. With the rise in micro & macro influencers, the social media promotions are rising every day. Also, Influencer Marketing is a perfect, quick and most effective tool to increase the brand’s visibility on mass level.

  1. Power-packed Press Release

With the frequent changes occurring in the PR business, both the content and the format of press releases will also have to evolve.  In the time of loaded information, Journalists want the releases to be on point and short enough to present all the facts. Multimedia elements and bullet points would become more prevalent in the brand statements in the upcoming days.

With newer promotional tools coming in, PR firms will have to reinvent more creative ways to ensure clients promotion and information sharing with the stakeholders.

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Neha Bahl
Neha Bahl is a Gurgaon based Women Entrepreneur and founder of PR & Brand Consultation firm Qube Communication. She holds over 10 years of rich experience in Media & Brand Communication and has worked with more than 100 brands across hospitality, health, individual profiles, interior, FMCG & beauty sectors.

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