PR methodology to retain and sustain brand perception

Public Relations is an integral tool while creating a marketing mix for your brand. A sound PR strategy can enable a brand to tell its story in an inspiring manner which can in turn boost the brand’s perception. Through creative story angles, earned media placements can generate curiosity in the minds of the consumer and help create brand visibility and increase awareness, therefore, helping the brand to grow and prosper.

It is imperative to understand your target audience first before curating the PR strategy for your brand. The deeper you dig into the behaviour of the consumer the sweeter will be the success of your PR programme. Its also important to do a thorough market research, competition analysis and SWOT before diving into the action plan.

Laying out the perfect plan can be challenging yet crucial task in attaining the brand’s aspiration. To summerise briefly the steps required to create a winning PR strategy are as follows:

Get to know your audience

As already mentioned in the beginning of this article, for any message to create an impact, one should have a clear understanding of their audiences’ interest and other things like their demography, their spending capacities, which strata of society they belong to. All audiences are not the same and sometimes the messages have to be customised basis the different group of customers the brand is catering to. For example – the age group and the demography can play a huge role in the way message is being drafted and delivered.

Know the competition

Understanding the hits and misses of the competitors can prove to be extremely helpful while formulating the plan. A media audit can enable you to understand what has worked and what hasn’t and accordingly  you can plan the campaign for your brand.

Creating Compelling Content

Public Relations majorly function on three core pillars: Right messaging, Appropriate Timing and Correct Audience. The right message will bind your audiences and help in building a top-of-the-mind recall for the brand.  It holds the power to create an instant connection between audiences and brands.

Choose the media mix wisely

Media has evolved enormously over the last few years and it has therefore become even more critical to chose the right media mix to ensure the message is delivered impactfully. A single medium can’t be used to reach the varied audiences. An ideal mix of traditional PR, Digital PR, Influencer Outreach, Social Media and more is the essence of creating a winning PR strategy for the brand.

Crisis Communication

Always being “Crises Ready” is one mantra you should stand by. It is important to protect brand’s reputation and identity during the time of crises, act swiftly and take necessary actions to make sure the brand is able to maintain business continuity and recovers.

A planned PR strategy not just enables you to achieve your business goals but also helps you enhance the overall brand perception. In current scenario, it has become significant for the companies to undertake effective yet planned PR moves to retain and sustain brand visibility.

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Neha Bajaj
Founder & Director at Scroll Mantra Pvt Ltd
A versatile and passionate professional with a strong inclination towards operational excellence and media intelligence, Neha has over a decade of experience in the marketing and communication sector.

Prior to starting her own firm she has headed the marketing and communications function for several Indian and Global companies. She has a strong expertise in sectors across Entertainment, Consumer Lifestyle, Legal, Corporate and Finance.

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