Public Relations and Corporate Communications – Covid Pledge

These are extraordinary times. We are living in a world in which we’re dealing with uncertainties that we have never had to face before. The next few days, weeks and possibly months will test us like never before. Both as individuals and professionals.

In the last two decades, Public Relations and corporate communications has come a long way as a strategic management discipline, helping build bridges between the communities that we serve. It is hard earned and we have had to collectively earn our space, inch by inch, day by day and year by year. It is now squarely upon us to secure all our collective gains. The current situation is dangerously volatile, but we are confident that we can tide over these tough times, together. And we will, indeed.

Today – we come together to take a pledge to fiercely uphold our profession, as never before.

  • We promise to stay safe — as individuals, as families, as firms and as a fraternity
  • We promise to stand by our client, our partner firms, by our organizations, by our colleagues and their businesses – with reinforced dedication and commitment, upholding the highest values of professionalism
  • We promise to work harder than ever to be available for our colleagues, and ensure business continuity and delivery for our clients
  • We promise be fair, kind and ethical and stand by each other, in every possible way
  • We promise to unite in spirit, to emerge stronger and better than before.

Along with Reputation Today, this pledge has been signed by PRCAI and the School of Communication and Reputation. We invite other industry bodies, trade associations, academic institutions and media outlets to sign the pledge and put it on their website. Just send us an email on and we will add your name here as confirmation.

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  1. Yes indeed we must.

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