#RTSPECTRA: What can Brand Marketers learn from Mythology

A celebrated modern literary legend, famous as the author of the bestselling book – The Immortals of Meluha, and Director of Nehru Centre, London, Amish Tripathi, lit up the stage on Day 2 of SPECTRA in a Fire Side Chat with Bianca Ghose, Chief Storyteller at Wipro. Amish Tripathi shared his thoughts on the importance of storytelling and why brands need to learn the art of storytelling to position their brands successfully in the market.

History of Storytelling in India 

According to a famous saying, the universe is made up of small stories. Wherever we go, rich culture and an interesting story follow. The greatest communicators of human history are excellent storytellers. When it comes to Indian Mythology, Vedas were difficult to understand and Veda Vyas composed Mahabharata to make people understand the philosophies of the Vedas in a much simpler and interesting way. To catch the attention of your audience, stories with deeper meaning and simple messages work effectively.

Brands and Art of Storytelling 

Communicating the story about your brand with no one listening to the story fails the brand’s purpose of positioning their brands. To make someone listen to your story, an interesting story with deeper messages works the best. Storytelling grows out of curiosity. It is about listening to your instincts and being true to their essence. It is important to learn about the culture of the place and knowing the pulse of your audience to understand what kind of story will work for your consumers. Best stories come from inheritance and generation of memory. Stories succeed when it touches the mood of the time. To make an idea and story tangible, communicators should first work on the story and then create a market for it because consumers are not aware of what they want.

The Big Takeaway

Indian culture is quite rich and communicators should understand to frame their stories accordingly. Reaching out to the target audience market by traveling to places helps in developing a deeper insight. Define a role clarity and stay true to your morals while sharing your stories. When it comes to storytelling, there is no success formula. It keeps growing better with multiples practice. Being in touch with the ultimate purpose and trusting one’s instincts is the key. Being detached from the failures and focusing on creating a powerful and compelling story brings positive results.

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Nidhi Verma
Nidhi Verma is a part of class of 2021 at SCoRe, Mumbai. She did her Bachelors in Commerce from Calcutta University. After graduation, she started working with branding consultancies as a Brand Executive for both mainstream and local brands. She simultaneously brushed her educational qualifications by undertaking the Post graduate diploma course on Advertising and Public Relations from MICA, Ahmedabad. Aside her professional background, Nidhi is an ardent food lover and she loves to discover new places. She also likes writing poems. She is a passionate individual who loves to keep a tab on current trends and love watching good content online. She believes in embracing the world we live in and implementing efforts to make it a better place.

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