The ever-cool ‘Patience Mindset’

Patience is so ever-cool. People with a ‘Patience Mindset’ have a rock-solid safety valve, that never fails them. When you are patient, there are several other admirable qualities that you naturally acquire. Some of these qualities are calmness, politeness, tenacity, likeability and these are but a few of them. A human being with a ‘Patience Mindset’ can go places. They are like spiders, who build their new nest again immediately after it gets destroyed with the same perfection and patience. Patient people are positive by nature. They don’t loose their temper easily and are pillars of support in a crisis. Impatience is rampant in the world we live in today. Super-fast results, multi-tasking, cut throat competition make it very easy to lose patience. Stress today is on trigger and sparks off higher degrees of intolerance. Faster! Better! Redo! Scrap! are often heard in work corridors. Even ice melts. So how do you stay ever-cool and patient?

Practice makes things perfect and evolving into a ‘Patience Mindset’ comes with several advantages that give you an edge above everyone else. But even to evolve into a ‘Patience Mindset’ you need oodles and oodles of patience! Everyone has some level of inborn patience, but it pays to increase your level of patience. Here are three easy ways to transit from your current mindset to a mindset of patience-

Up your Emotional Quotient

Leaders today with a high EQ lead better than leaders with just a high IQ. Here is my favourite sentence I use very often. I believe that ‘Leaders know the way, show the way and go the way’. Expecting people to follow your way blindly will lead to copious levels of impatience. You need to be able to have the EQ to connect and align. At the end of it nothing significant can be achieved alone or in isolation. Once you develop your level of EQ you will find interactions and communications with your team much smoother without unnecessary friction and therefore lessening your degree of impatience. Also, once you create an environment of harmony and team spirit and lead this change yourself. Things are bound to auger well for a ‘Patience Mindset’

Pick up your impatience signals

Impatience is transparent as it reflects in your actions because of its side effects. Impatience translates into various behaviours like irritability, negativity and even anger. Unknown to you this behaviour is on display for others to see and react. It’s never situations but how you react to situations that makes and shapes you as a human being or a professional. Keep a sharp lookout for these impatience signals and take control as soon as you can. When some people around you say “Why are you getting irritable?” or “Why are you getting so upset?” They are just flagging to you the consequences of your impatience signals. Do not ignore them. Take cognisance and course correct.

Boost your sense of empathy

When you hear voices in the head “Why is this idiot taking so long?” “Oh, I could have done this better and faster” just take a pause. However good you are you cannot do big things alone. A team is essential to achieve complex results and achieve success. Your team though is made up of human beings and as you know, each human being is built differently and each individual has their own shortcomings. When you boost your sense of empathy, it’s easier for you as a leader to delegate the right task to the right person. This reduces friction, creates a merit based environment and fosters a ‘Patience Mindset’.

Be patient, everything in this world takes its required time. Understand this well, be tolerant and let the cake bake. Even the toughest deadlines can be met with realistic and meticulous planning. Impatience is not the only solution!

“Patience is not passive, on the contrary, it is concentrated strength”.

Bruce Lee

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Amitesh Banerjee
Amitesh is a seasoned positive integrated communications disruptor with several years of multi- country/multi- domain experience. He has worked for reputed organisations in senior leadership positions including JWT, ITC, New Zealand Dairy Board, Seychelles Marketing Board, Perfect Relations, Genesis BCW, Adfactors, Della Group, H+K Strategies among others. Amitesh is Senior Vice President of Beanstalk Asia- a leading Integrated Marketing Communications firm.

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