The incredible ‘Learning Mindset’

While on one side, change continues to be the only constant – evolution partners continuity. Humanity has seen various changes and evolution over the years. We have seen the Ice Age, the Stone Age and so on. Communities progress with challenges of their geographies, epic transformations and a yearning for a better and a more stable life for their future generations. Education has helped humans to learn, develop. Science has made us understand how life works, healthcare has nurtured healthier societies. Learning has taken us to the moon and back. Technology has made life much better for all of us. We have faced consequences with environment disruption. Greed has taken over need. Aspirations have gone sky high. We continue to generate money and spend money. Values have undergone a radical change. The will to succeed however remains deeply entrenched and most of us give our professions and business our best shot and believe that the best is yet to come. New research reveals new insights and there are new approaches in management and business leadership. We often end up applying our learnings in this fast changing world. Re-learning is the new world order. How do we develop a ‘Learning Mindset’? To evolve, reinvent and stay ahead of the curve. Even be ‘future ready’?

Be humble

A ‘Learning Mindset’ can only manifest itself if you remain humble and open minded. Remember, life is a university and learning is a continuous process. In today’s evolved digital world, knowledge is highly accessible and inclusive. Learning no more comes from the grey hair of experience, it comes from younger minds who have radical approaches and a more effective way of strategising and executing. They are much faster and have accepted technology is a normal in life. So if you remain in your learnings and want to succeed you will be compromising with success and being relevant. Instead, relearn and reapply that’s the real mantra for success today. Be flexible, change your approach to life be a learner again. If you stop learning, you stagnate. Today’s leaders in any sector or domain are supposed to know the way and show the way. Only then will you get followers who will become a part of your winning team.

Embrace technology

Technology has made the world leapfrog years ahead. Today it’s a way of doing business and is prominently present in every facet of our lives. New solutions, faster methods, new software and hardware come to life almost every week. There are amazing breakthroughs every day. Make technology your learning pivot. Make it your best friend. The recent pandemic has accelerated the blurring of lines between physical and the virtual. Many new technological developments have happened in the past two years. Keep pace, take the pains to learn technology relevant for your profession and stay abreast. The lightning growth of technology has even impacted our personal lives at every step. You just can’t ignore it 

Align yourself with the gen next

The ‘Learning Mindset’ will make you curious and relearn new skills and the way of doing things, however it will help you greatly if you can understand and keep track of the way the next gen think and feel. The generation gap is happening much faster today than ever before because the new generation come with their shade of human evolution. The Millennial is outdated by the Generation X and now the Generation Alpha will soon become our new customers. Communicators especially will need to be more on their toes about emerging trends and consumer behavior. 

Keep time aside for learning

Our day has only 24 hours and we manage our profession/business in these 24 hours. Keep time aside to sleep, eat, exercise, recreate. However if learning has to be a habit, your time management techniques need to be better and more efficient. Keep learning at the centre of your process in work. The rest is bound to follow!

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.

Mahatma Gandhi

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Amitesh Banerjee
Amitesh is a seasoned positive integrated communications disruptor with several years of multi- country/multi- domain experience. He has worked for reputed organisations in senior leadership positions including JWT, ITC, New Zealand Dairy Board, Seychelles Marketing Board, Perfect Relations, Genesis BCW, Adfactors, Della Group, H+K Strategies among others. Amitesh is Senior Vice President of Beanstalk Asia- a leading Integrated Marketing Communications firm.

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