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Rains are here, a new season arrives. The world keeps marching forward, the earth keeps revolving. Life goes on, time keeps flying and the human race evolves, and progress remains a continuous process. The new normal has now become the old normal, the Covid era is uncertain. Yet, everyone is done with revenge binging eating out, travelling, shopping, and socialising. Amidst the raindrops and thunderstorms amongst us, there is optimism and hope. Certainty and continuity are emerging in the centre stage of life itself. People are heaving a sigh of relief and getting ready to build a future for themselves. While the pandemic kept us indoors, isolated, and uncertain, these years have changed the core mindset of people. The want to be heard and need to be understood. This is the new language that needs to be spoken. EQ has now emerged as the ideal vehicle of connect. Empathy is the winning superpower. How do you meet new challenges of the new world? This column has examined the different mindsets that you can adopt for sustainable success in your profession and life. What therefore is the most powerful mindset?

The most powerful mindset is a blend of all positive mindsets

A negative mindset will only hold you back from being flexible and changing. The first and most fundamental change you need to bring about yourself is to leave negativity far behind and reboot to a positive mindset, and therefore pivot yourself to change for your own benefit both professionally and personally. Another important change you need to make is open your mind to a learning mindset so that you are the best in what you do. Till both these essential changes are in place any other mindset you adopt makes your life purposeless. You need to analyse what you do well professionally and where you need to better yourself. With the big E (Empathy) becoming a way of life today, your customers, colleagues, families, and friends will respond to you better if you understand them for what they are. As with everything in life you cannot have every positive mindset. Therefore, once you have defined your purpose in life its very easy for you to plot out what is the right kind of empathy mix for you to become your best version

Conscious transformation is only possible with determination

Go back to those days when you woke up early to go for your football practice, or even recently in your fitness regime where you ensured that however busy you are, you make time to hit the gym every day without fail. Creating the most powerful mindset is all about determination, self-motivation, and drive. You need to map out your transformation plan first and then keep at it relentlessly. Do create a buddy who can monitor your changes and keep giving you feedback regularly. If you want to have the most powerful mindset which will help you achieve your goals more effectively you need to work on it like you would on acquiring any new skill. Except that mindset transformation changes your approach to your professional and personal life. You create new habits!

Your mindset transformation road map

Mindset changes are about how you go about life professionally and personally. You might want to only focus on one area say the mindset you use at work, but then today there are blurred lines between personal and professional mindsets. Say, you have plotted your roadmap where you need to relearn skills and upskill then you need to adopt a ‘Learning mindset’ but also have joined the PR profession then in addition you will also need to adopt a ‘Story telling mindset’. Yet on the other hand you are not very confident of yourself, you may also want to adopt a ‘Self trust mindset’ (All these mindsets are covered in my column in this reputed publication). Therefore, choose what mindset mix you need to adopt and conquer your goals!

When your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it – Steve Maraboli

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Amitesh Banerjee
Amitesh Banerjee is a passionate result driven professional with three decades of multi-country, multi-domain experience in Communications, Marketing & Advertising. He has worked for reputed organisations in leadership positions including JWT, ITC, New Zealand Dairy Board, Seychelles Marketing Board, Perfect Relations, Genesis Burson Marsteller, Adfactors PR among others.
Amitesh’s last assignment was with the Della Group and now works as Senior Consultant Strategy & Public Relations, Hill & Knowlton Strategies India. Amitesh is a proud catalyst of positive change.

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