The Significance of Personal Branding in Building Trust and Credibility

Personal brand is crucial to stand out in the competition and leave a lasting impression on people. It is the art of influencing people with experiences, skills, expertise, and values to set you apart from the crowd. A strong personal brand can help you build credibility, reach out to like-minded communities and elevate career by demonstrating your unique value proposition. We all wish to become famous. It is human nature to crave attention. However, publicity and personal brand are distinct concepts. Publicity is short-term and often prone to reputational crisis. Creating a personal brand is a long-term process and involves a roadmap for building trust and credibility. Creating a personal brand requires a clear goal, commitment and consistent efforts.

Here are three elements of building a personal brand

Trust: People resonate personal branding with leadership and trust. Ensure that you are authentic in your approach and communicate facts. Avoid the temptation of views and likes. Refrain from indulging in unproductive debates. The way you communicate in social forums creates a huge impact on the audience.

Virtues: Select virtues and values for your brand and demonstrate them through actions. It is difficult to manipulate facts on social platforms, and people quickly point out discrepancies in claims and actions. Strike a balance between your persona and your competence.

Purpose: Building a personal brand is not a one-time activity but a continuous process. Define your long-term purpose for personal branding. Whether you want to establish yourself as a domain expert or flag bearer of social issues, define your goals and take consistent actions.

How to build a strong and credible personal brand 

Thought Leadership: Thought leadership is an effective way of building a personal brand. It is a strategy of creating high-quality content to influence decision-makers or define industry trends. Shortlist relevant topics and build engaging content around them. Whether it is a blog or newspaper article, offer knowledge/ perspective on the topic with authentic data. It will help you build trust and expertise in the long run.

Social Media: Leverage the power of social media to reach out to people. LinkedIn is an effective platform to highlight industry trends and forge valuable connections. Twitter is excellent when it comes to triggering conversations around socio-political issues. Facebook/Instagram are good platforms to connect with youngsters who prefer to consume short audio-visual content. Analyse the strengths and weaknesses of each social platform and choose the right mix for your image building.

Industry Forums: Industry forums help to connect with people from diverse backgrounds and school of thoughts. Leverage this platform to demonstrate your people’s skills. Audiences often resonate with engaging stories and try to take inspiration from them. Highlight the purpose and values you stand for and how you intend to make a difference in society. Learn the art of networking to forge meaningful connections which may help you further your cause.

Podcast/ Youtube: A podcast is an effective medium for connecting with people, who share similar values and concerns. If you are a good storyteller with basic technical knowledge of digital media, explore this platform to boost your brand. You may start with a knowledge series or free-flow conversations. Ensure that your content is topical and aligned with current trends. You may also engage domain experts, industry leaders, and intellectuals for 360-degree viewpoints. You may also open a Youtube channel where you can promote your content and showcase your creative angle.

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Priyanka Pugaokar
Priyanka Pugaokar is a communications professional with expertise in internal and external communication, crisis communications, content generation and media relations. She holds over ten years of combined experience in communications and business journalism. She is currently associated with Rashi Peripherals Limited as Corporate Communications Manager and leads several strategic projects. She is an avid travel explorer. A lifelong learner, she holds interest in yoga, naturopathy, energy healing and crystallography.

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