10 Sustainability Certifications you need to know about

Sustainability is fast becoming a career choice for many young professionals and job seekers typically ask – so what certifications do I need?

Most of those who work closely in Sustainability can easily tell two certifications off the top of their mind – GRI and LEED. Before we do a deep dive in to sustainability certifications there are few basic things to consider before thinking of getting one

  • Firstly, we need to remember that certifications in Sustainability are vast and there is no one certification that covers the entire spectrum that sustainability has to offer.
  • Getting a certificate is not the only way to gain credibility in a certain are of sustainability. A certificate can only complement the skill sets that you already possess. Volunteering, reading up on case studies, analysing current projects and taking up new work projects even in your current assignment can give you the much-needed exposure in areas that you are seeking to build credibility.
  • Make sure that your basics of sustainability are very strong before you pursue any certification. Both Harvard and Stanford Business Schools offer great online courses in sustainability that will help you build a strong foundation.

Once you have analysed what kind of certifications best complement your current role and future career growth, you can take a pick from the great certifications listed below

International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP) offers these two great certifications that enables you to frame sustainability strategies and implement these strategies across different functions, geographies, and industries.

The Association of Climate Change Officers (ACCO) offers the following certifications that are simply the best for actions for climate change again prepares to cover any kind of region or industry.

  • Certified Climate Change Professional (CC-P) for mid-career professionals actively involved in climate change.
  • CC-P Candidate Pilot Program for new professionals in sustainability or for those who are considering a change of career into climate change actions.

Other speciality certifications

Next week will do a deep dive in to sustainability reporting certifications, a maze of its own. We will decode five top certifications and how to navigate the soup of alphabets that reporting managers use.

Meanwhile drop your comments/suggestions in the comment box.

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Nadhiya Mali
Nadhiya Mali is a communications professional with a 13-year experience in PR, reputation management, CSR, and Sustainability. Currently she leads the Corporate Communications of one of India’s leading chains of laboratories.

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