Leading a hardworking team & being part of one

Off late the situation has been tough. Organisations are taking every step possible to ensure good business. Employees are putting in more effort and time than before to either ensure job security or because they understand the situation and need for it.

Tough times or not, a hardworking team is always a winner – making every team member a winner. How does one ensure being part of a hard working team? How does one ensure leading a hard working team?

Being part of a hardworking team starts with You!

If you are a new professional and aspire to work with a hardworking leader in a hardworking team, remember it all starts with you. There are opportunities everywhere, and the characteristics that you display, the opportunities that you seize will determine what you become and where you go. Some indispensable traits of a hardworking professional are

  • Punctuality
  • Dependability
  • Self-motivation
  • Detail-oriented
  • Perseverance
  • Learnability
  • Prioritisation
  • Culturally fit
  • Team spirit

To be winning professional ensure you have these traits to start with and ensure you foster these traits as a leader!

Building a hardworking team starts with You!

Right from recruiting the right people to fostering the right culture, you as a team leader are entirely responsible for building a hard working team. Your professional competence/expertise and fair mindedness towards all team members are additional factors that lead to building a hardworking team.

Fostering the right culture: This is a critical aspect of building a hardworking team. Fostering or rewarding the desired culture, will get you the desired team. If you as a leader reward hard work, your team will want to work harder. If you reward team/office politics, your team will excel in that kind of culture. It is upto you as a leader to decide what culture you want to foster.

Professional expertise: Simply expecting team members to learn, unlearn and upskill won’t get you or your team anywhere. As a leader, always be ready to learn new things and lead the way for the team.

Leadership is not a one time effort: A leader cannot decide when s/he wants to be leader. Leadership should be a routine when interacting with the team. I had written about attributes of leadership in the past, and a leader must display these attributes, every step of the way. But this in no way means that leadership cannot not foster leadership. If you as a team leader can identify and grow more leaders, you have truly succeeded.

In conclusion, if you ever see yourself complaining about not being part of a hardworking team or not having a hard working team to lead, remember it always starts with you!

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Anubhuti Mathur
Anubhuti Mathur is a trained editor with over ten years of diverse experience in instructional designing and newspaper and TV news editing. She has worked at companies such as Aptara, IBM and Independent News Service.

At The PRomise Foundation she oversees all things content. She ensures the running of the Reputation Today portal and the print magazine. She has been involved at events such as PRAXIS, Manifest, Super Night and Reputation Today Conclaves and webinars. She holds an Economics degree from Fergusson College and is a post graduate in Mass Communications from Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication.

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