7 Reasons to Attend PRAXIS7

PRAXIS, in its 7th edition now, is one the largest and most significant summit for the Corporate Communications and Public Relations professionals, not only in India but globally.
While PRAXIS stands for the Public Relations And Corporate Communications India Summit (the organisers spell the X to look like two Cs back to back) it may also refer to the act of Engaging, Applying, Exercising, Realising or Practicing ideas.
Having attended all the previous six editions and interacted with the attendees, speakers and the partners, I am looking forward to another edition of PRAXIS – the unique platform for the communication professionals for learning, networking and training.
The seven Reasons why I am attending the 7th edition of PRAXIS in Hyderabad are as follows:
  1. Unlearning & Learning: With more than 40 International and Indian experts sharing their experience, strategies, failure and success stories, #PRAXIS7 will provide a flood of insights from across the spectrum.
  2. Power Sessions: PRAXIS7 will host two phenomenal individuals who will continue to be an inspiration for generations to come with their unique perspectives. I am eagerly looking out for the Power Talk by Padma Shri Mary Kom and a Keynote Session by industry veteran Roger Pereira on Stories from Yesteryears in Public Relations and Communications.
  3. Master Classes: There is never an age or place to learn new things. PRAXIS7 will provide the opportunity to sharpen skills with three industry experts sharing tricks on  ‘How to build Personal Brand Online’ to ‘Brand Story Telling’ to ‘Getting Brands their due in News Coverage’.
  4. Meet & Greet: Besides the insights shared by the experts and the speakers PRAXIS7 will provide an opportunity to meet more than 650 PR and Communications professionals including ex-colleagues, clients, friends, peers, mentors, leaders, face to face under one roof.
  5. Fun, Run and more: From pre-breakfast run/yoga (curated by Cult Fitness) to live band performance (by Maati Baani), to the fabulous dinners followed by the after-parties, the summit balances engaging sessions, panel discussions, master classes with the opportunity to let your hair down.
  6. Being Self: At PRAXIS its all about learning, sharing and having fun which goes beyond the sessions, panel discussion and presentation. PRAXIS today is the Mahakumbh of PR and Corporate Communications professionals of India. It provides a platform where I can be what I am without any pretence.
  7. Awards & Recognition: Last but not the least, after the closure of PRAXIS, Promise Foundation and PRmoment host one of the most exciting and respected PR and Communications  awards – The Fulcrum Awards. This provides an occasion to recognise and celebrate some of the most outstanding campaigns that have made a difference in the past year.
At PRAXIS I can be a PRAXISIAN, I can be in the frame of one of largest Groupfie and still stand out as Myself!

The views expressed here are that of the author and do not necessarily reflect that of Reputation Today.

Anup Sharma
Anup Sharma is a full-time student of life and part-time Story Teller with two decades of experience in Public Relations, Public Policy, Political Campaign Management, Digital and Social Media Outreach.

He is a Mentor and Senior Fellow at The Lentils Institute, a democratic sustainability think-tank and Senior Director at Public Relations Consultants Association of India (PRCAI).

You can reach him on Twitter @TweetsAnup.

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