A sneak peek into ‘Shape Psychology’

It was a whole new experience – exploring different aspects of human personality using geometric ‘shapes’ with Sneha Shah, Psychologist, Coach, Founder of ISRA and Author. Discussing her book, she introduced a concept designed by Dr. Susan Dellinger on understanding human psychology. As the opening speaker at #RTQUORUM that took place on May 11, 2023, she spoke about – “What shape are you?”

It was a different take on people. How do you handle anyone who dislikes you, she questioned. “75 per cent of the people in this world are different from us, and we don’t need a manual to understand others and manage differences”, she informed and added – here is a complete guide to decoding people and personalities using shape psychology. You are handed the key to understand and decode human behaviour and not to forget, you can identify your own and others’ strengths and weaknesses, too

It was indeed, a sneak peek into “shape psychology”.

Are you a sensible box or a purposeful triangle? An ever-changing rectangle, or a free-spirited squiggle? A nurturing circle perhaps? Or a mix of this and a bit of that?

‘Why do people behave the way they do?’ and ‘Who am I?’ We have an inner circle and outer circle that we interact with. Her book dealt with answers to all these critical questions. The book focused on how the universe around us can be divided into five shapes – box, triangle, rectangle, circle and squiggle. Each shape is a personality type, and significantly, people can be identified with shapes. Triangles love to lead, are extremely driven and do not know when to slow down. Boxes prefer people who are consistent and totally dependable. Rectangles remain in state of confusion and uncertainty; and they are in a state of transition and change. Circles are sensitive, friendly, emotional and are people-oriented and easygoing. Squiggles are spontaneous, creative, ideas-oriented, intuitive, highly energetic and open to changes.

Shedding light on this unique concept, she explained how with the help of this concept, you can better understand both yourself and the people around you. And, the minute you understand this, you stop judging and you start understanding, accepting, knowing and relating in amazing ways.

Then it was time for some swirling action. The audience got on their feet, as they identified their shapes and joined up with similar-minded people who were shaping their lives…and perhaps landed at some secret mantras. It was indeed a hugely interactive activity where new friends were made, enlarging, widening our circles without a doubt!

Of course, the insights gained, will open doors to understanding your own self, plus it will also make it easier to deal with the ‘difficult’ people you encounter, make friendships more meaningful, suffer less stress and also succeed at your workplace. So, read the book too, which is both backed by science and packed with numerous smart tips. What Shape Are You? will definitely reveal ways to untie the knots in relationships that can help us lead more deeply meaningful lives. All in a fun and practical way – like we experienced in the opening action-packed session at #RTQUORUM!

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