An open letter to those keen to enter the Communications Business

Dear Communication Consultant

Welcome to an exciting journey of being part of the Communications’ Business. It’s a fun roller coaster ride. I write this open letter to address a few myths which I have personally come across while interacting with young professionals aiming to enter the communications business.

Myth 1: I enjoy talking and interacting with people hence am keen to enter the business.

Reality: Jobs in all industries would require interacting with others, you do not need to enter the communications’ business for this. Besides, interaction with others requires basic elements of communication which include Listening, Comprehending, Researching and then Speaking. These elements are a ‘must’ for our profession or else you would come across as shallow and would not be able to grow. These basic elements interestingly need to be self-taught, and if you excel here, the world is your stage.

Myth 2: I enjoy hosting client-related events.

Reality: Interestingly this business thrives on high stress as there is very low to zero percentage of error in delivering the final product. This boils down to embracing Quality in what you do. Hosting client-related activities require intense research in not just understanding the client but also the client’s industry at large and then summarising all the understanding in three sentences to communicate to the client’s target audience. Doing this requires perseverance and investment of time in meeting deadlines.

Myth 3: Interning for 90 days or less in a communication firm makes you confident that you know it all.

Reality: Learning is constant, your claim of ‘knowing it all’ in 90 days or less would scare the hiring firm. Do understand that there are a lot and I repeat a lot of elements basis which communication is carried out, not just that, they need to be done with a predetermined timeline with no compromise on quality. All this requires practice and sadly the same cannot be learnt in 90 days.

The good news is that the communications business needs professionals who can help the business grow. This field awaits professionals who have an insatiable quench to unlearn and learn new rules of the game.


Shalini Singh
a well-wisher

Shalini Singh
Founder at Galvanise PR
A hands-on consultant, Shalini has over 20 years of experience in the communications business, having worked overseas and in India with leading Public Relations consultancies and blue-chip multinational organisations.

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  1. Very good one

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