An organisation that leads by example!

We are twenty-five years young. In a profession that is built on standard templates and processes, we strive to uphold creativity, culture, and a strong value system in everything that we do. This culture is our prime strength and it’s built on simple tenets of integrity, transparency, fairness, and simplicity. It is one of the prime reasons that Adfactors PR has been abstaining from servicing clients involved in tobacco, alcohol, meat processing, and gambling – something we have remained steadfast for, since our inception. 

That apart, what I really admire is that we have always remained a fiercely independent and employee-empowered company and this aspect is in sync with our one core value which is “we care”!  It deeply resonates with how we approach our clients, our work, and ultimately, each other. The most important demonstration of this value is our culture of Freedom. 

All employees are provided with freedom and autonomy, which empowers them to take responsibility for their choices and decisions. This is exemplified in how Adfactors PR encourages a collaborative environment, keeping each other accountable, providing feedback, discussing issues openly, and trying to help each other. Another instance of this culture of freedom is that whether you are a junior employee or a part of the management, you are encouraged to drive innovation, improvements, and initiatives. We never shy away from giving our employees opportunities to push their boundaries for their own personal as well as career development. 

We encourage each of our employees to try and fail and no one is judged because we all have been there at some point in our lives. In fact, freedom to fail is one of the core features that drive innovation and excellence at Adfactors PR.

Every year, Adfactors PR keeps aside dedicated funds which are used for upskilling, learning, and development of our employees. We have a well-entrenched L&D program, which caters to the learning needs of every single employee, irrespective of their designation or position within the company. 

This philosophy of ‘we care’ was the most pronounced when COVID 19 struck in March 2020. Adfactors PR introduced several employee and client-centric policies and initiatives to keep morale high in those trying times. For example, we made a commitment that we will not initiate any job cuts, come what may. We stayed true to this commitment.

We kept our work timings flexible, regularly engaged and interacted with employees and clients alike, assisting them whenever they needed any help. We created an active group on WhatsApp where each and every employee can reach out and gather information on hospital, beds and Oxygen availability, COVID medicines and vaccination availability etc. 


We also made a provision of granting 20 days paid leave, should anyone contract COVID. While we tried to maintain the momentum of ‘business as usual’, we were fully cognizant of the grave situation that was facing us. s. We collaborated with a wellness expert who regularly called employees to check on their health and well-being in such adverse times. 


We also foster a strong culture of Intrapreneurship. Each of our business units or practices is headed by an individual, who has the complete responsibility to grow that particular unit. These units function like ‘start-ups’ within the organisation. We never cease to focus on growth and innovation from within.

It is truly inspiring the way in which the organisation has always communicated with all its employees across geographies. The first one would be, to communicate early and often, which implies sharing what’s known, acknowledging what isn’t known, and committing to communicating more as more becomes known. Messages were constructed to provide information about what employees should know, feel and do. With this simple approach, factual and actionable messaging brought clarity and calmness to every situation. For instance, during COVID we assigned authority and involved people managers. This helped establish trust and provided a consistent, reliable voice through a time of uncertainty. 


I think the most crucial part of Adfactors success is the partnership and comradery principle, which is deeply rooted in our journey to become better, individually, and collectively, each day. 

The views and opinions published here belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the publisher. This article is part of a SILVER JUBILEE series by Adfactors PR commemorating their 25th year in the business of Public Relations.

Samir Kapur
Samir Kapur has close to two decades of experience in the fields of corporate communications, investor relations and strategic planning. He is currently working as SVP and Delhi Branch head with Adfactors-PR.

Previously he has worked with companies like Fullerton India and ESPN Star Sports, India, where he handled the marketing and corporate communications.

An engineer with a MBA in finance and marketing, he has done advance diplomas from Harvard Business School and IIM (A). He is a PHD (executive doctorate in business management) with his thesis on studying the strategic and financial pattern of mergers & acquisitions in media & entertainment industry.

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