Be what you would like to be

Being what you would like to be at all times is what Adfactors PR as a firm epitomises


Two individuals met over three and a half decades ago and decided to dream. And today the dream has come true not just for them but for many others who continue to be part of their fascinating journey. 

Their journey has been filled with humility, respect, values, energy, passion, and most vital love and respect. The trust quotient they enjoy across important stakeholders not just within the industry but beyond is truly unbelievable.

They have dared to go and do what no PR professional has done in not just in reality but also in a dream. Built an organisation that provides an ecosystem and landscape to flourish beyond expectations and challenge oneself daily.

It has not been an easy journey for them. The only reason there is a reputation quotient and success are because of the personal involvement and accountability which flows between them and attracts all.

An Institution, not a Firm:

It’s also important to note that nothing comes easy whether it is the management or the employees and with success come issues and problems. But the purpose to note is the ability to face situations and navigate the way out or at least attempt to do so with a smile and calm.

Life can’t be picture perfect but an ecosystem that makes one want to associate and stay and belong. Keep at it is the spirit, that makes the firm a place that most others are envious of.

Rajesh Chaturvedi and Madan Bahal have built individual strengths and an organisation through autonomy and empowerment where every individual has a chance and is invited to contribute.

The values and vision of the founders are incomparable. The ability at the onset of the pandemic to be empathetic and reassure teams across and engage regularly and proactively. Keep personal one-on-one engagement with colleagues and clients. To almost double the number of employees during the pandemic is what defines the spirit of Adfactors PR. 

The type of initiatives that the firm has seen, and the growth witnessed over the years signifies the depth and calibre of the co-founders.

Initiatives that are unique and first of their kind which upskill and reward teams across, an opportunity to month on month compete internally, and at the same time support selflessly.

Creating a millennial board where the members are colleagues under 30 years of age and have been mentored and have grown to become a shadow board. This board is instrumental in multiple successful initiatives and projects.

A digital marketing course for every employee to upskill and keep them updated on all current requirements of clients

A performance enhancement programme launched for the Account Executives where select winners got an opportunity to work at an international firm to inspire them and cross-pollinate ideas. 

Many other unique and fascinating initiatives add so much in terms of value to colleagues and clients. 

You learn to take the risk and not fear anything at all whiles at the core you strive to create client delight in everything you do.

Had recently read this somewhere and is apt to share about how one feels at Adfactors PR.

“Make yourself your competition, strive to be better than yesterday, and you will find the true essence of life”

Finally, like in true spirit of Adfactors PR, there is no end, and it is always a beginning.

 Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost…

The views and opinions published here belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the publisher. This article is part of a SILVER JUBILEE series by Adfactors PR commemorating their 25th year in the business of Public Relations.

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Lavang Asthana Khare
Senior Vice President at Adfactors PR
With over 2 decades of hands-on experience and understanding of communications from both client and the communications firm end.

Have worked across categories including FMCG, technology, telecom, power, infrastructure, transport, financial, healthcare, hospitality, retail and public affairs.

With excellent leadership and communication skills, she is able to provide strategic direction and customized solutions.

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